Ataxia plus

I am new to this site. Love it! People with the same problem as me!

Mine started with a concussion. Then my right foot gave out, sending an electric shock to the left side of my brain. My neuro diagnosed me with hemicrania continua and memory lapses/losses. Now, after following his medical advice, my left leg is giving out and I struggle to walk comfortable. Lots of limping results in the use of canes. Pulling myself up stairs using the handrails on the banister too.

Welcome! :)

John makes some good points about upper body use and safety first.

I went from crutches and a knee brace after an accident at work to using a variety of walking aids! I find rollators and other walking frames too cumbersome, I used to use walking poles but kept dropping them, I cannot get away with those walking sticks that have a support up to the elbow so now I use one 'normal' walking stick around our house along with handrails and such. Outside, I get around with a mobility scooter and take one walking stick or, for trips further afield when I cannot take the scooter, I take two walking sticks - but still cannot walk far and need to take lots of rests.

If you have equipment available to help you get about, use it! If not then you may be able to approach your local authorities or charitable organisations for help getting any equipment you need.

Stay strong and stay safe. :)


Double Post!

Welcome to this site Jan! I was diagnosed with sporadic cerebellar ataxia about 8 yrs, ago (non-hereditary/unknown cause), I joined this site several months ago as I felt very much alone with this condition. Although there are different types of ataxia and reasons that people have ataxia, we all share similar symptoms. Therefore, we can be supportive of each other as we understand. It's great to have a network of people, dealing with some of the same problems, to ask questions of! Hope you find this site positive/helpful also!

Hear hear Rose.