Ataxia sucks @ any age

HI my name is Ron and I was diagnosed to a lifetime of Ataxia in April of 2008 by a major university in the state of Michigan.At first it wasn't so bad.Mostly it was a slured word or a little stumble.Now I can barely talk and I am limited to walking short distances un-aided.The biggest thing that affects my speech and walking is my difficulty sleeping.If I get a good nights sleep,my next day is great.

If it wasn't for my wife pushing me to do things,I would've given up long ago.Sometimes it hurts to do the simplest things but she makes me and she's right.Never let win or beat you down,I'd rather die first.By the way,I'll be 69 in Nov.Life is a challenge but nobody said life was going to be easy!


Good for you Ron!

Keep being pushed, and keep being positive!

I admire your strength

Welcome Ron! Please concentrate on getting a good nights sleep and thank God your wife is pushing you to stay active. Exercise is a life saver! Stay strong.

I’ve had great success with wearing a weighted vest and now I’m waiting for the one I’ve ordered.When I was fitted with one,I could walk almost normal and I can’t wait to get the one I ordered to come in.I’ll let everyone know how it works for me.

Hang in there, Ron. I thang God for your Mrs. being there to help husband is supportive & a fine cook. God will see you thru if you trust Him.

Thank you Geri I needed that.With God and people like you,II’ll get through this.