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Hi all! From browsing these boards, many people with ataxia seem like "baby-boomer's" in regards to age. I may be wrong, but I'd love to chat with a person with ataxia that I can relate more with. Hearing how ataxia affects anyone at any age is helpful, but knowing there is someone out there (younger than 30ish) with certain similar life experiences as me, would be helpful. Pls message me if you want to share life stories and how you cope!

Hey. My name's Jasmine, and I'm 21 years old. I have FA, and I was diagnosed in 2000. I'm from Portsmouth, in the UK, and I have recently graduated from the University with a degree in Environmental Science. Younger ataxia's seem to be a hard bunch to find :) Nice to meet you

Hi I was in my early 30s when my symptoms showed. I am 48 now and am diagnosed with SCA. My genetic testing is not showing any known mutations, though I’ve lived with this for more than 15 years. My symptoms started with hand tremor, and over the years progressed to Ataxia that now (recently) I use a walking stick and sometimes a walker to help me prevent falling. I had several falls (3 major that I hurt myself and broke my front teeth. I managed to finish my doctorate degree in 1998. However am not active in my occupation. I had sessions in occupation therapy and physical therapy that helps. I would be glad to share more and answer questions if you may find helpful. Much love.

Hi, my daughter is 17 and has Spinocerebellar Ataxia. She has had it since a baby but has defied the doctors and is able to walk a little still although she is very wobbly and falls lots. She wears splints on her legs and uses a walking stick and sometimes a wheelchair. She gets quite a bit of pain and has atrophy of her cerebellum and spinal cord. She hasn't spoken to anyone on this site herself personally but I'm sure she would appreciate talking to someone younger with the condition. If you would like to talk with her maybe I could give you her email address or get her on this site.

How old are you?

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I'd be happy to talk through email to you guys. I have to add you as friends on this site in order to compose emails through living with ataxia. Talk to you soon.

I hear you. I am old so have to bow out with comments that affect coping skills young vs old. I had no idea that kids could have Ataxia. That is sad. Didn't know there was varieties of. Coping with varies by where a person is -- one common thread that sticks out for most of us appears to be exercise, exercise. This of course may be different for youngsters who are affected by too much.

Too much stress for all types seems to me an issue for all.

That would be great beva. How old are you.

Hopefully speak soon


beva said:

I'd be happy to talk through email to you guys. I have to add you as friends on this site in order to compose emails through living with ataxia. Talk to you soon.

Hi I’m 34 this year and have noticed the baby boomer trend, I’m happy to converse if you are.
Take care

My daughter is 19 and has symptom like

1. Could not get up without support

2. her walk is different from others

So far

Hi Sunny8088, when first diagnosed with this I was 22 and pregnant and I couldn’t walk, barely feed myself and struggled to stay awake for more than a couple of hours. I was and am extremely independent so it has taken me 11 years to even start thinking I’m ability limited. Being young and feeling like an 80 year old is not what I wanted for my roaring 20’s. If your daughter or you want to open up or offload some of the struggles please feel free to contact me. Take care.

I'm 22. i started seeing doctors when I was 20 after having symptoms for months. But in hindsight I had some very subtle but very definite symptoms as early as my teens. I work out like a maniac and use a leg brace that helps with my weakness and instability. I eat healthy, no gluten , no sugar, and have a positive attitude. If I hadn't been proactive about my situation I believe I would be in a wheelchair right now. It is possible to improve some symptoms for some people if you do very focused exercises and work out a lot.