Ataxic Kitty

This isn’t exactly the same condition, but it still made me smile:

:slightly_smiling_face:Is this your cat you’re talking about here? I’ve read about cats who are ataxic but never actually known anybody who has one. And, I’ll have to google 'chantilly’:wink:xB

Unfortunately no, just something I found on the internet and was happy to find my spirit animal :slight_smile:

:slightly_smiling_face: I googled Chantilly cats, they are renowned for being very friendly and likeable.

I’ve only ever had one pedigree cat, a Burmese, she was loving and it was heartbreaking to part with her. We were moving and it was going to be difficult to keep her in, she was a house cat and I worried about her safety.

Since then we’ve had a succession of stray cats🙂 Three lived until their late teens🙂 Our current cat has been with us 2years, we were told she was around 2/3yrs old, our vet thought 12yrs old was nearer the mark😳 xB