Babies and me

I went to see my grandson yesterday. I wouldn’t dare to carry him for fear of falling and cracking his skull (not bothered so much about my own) but I thought at least I could push his pram. I thought holding something would enable me to balance ok. I soon found out that I can’t even do that! Thankfully I can hold him ok when we’re both sat down :slightly_smiling_face: (We must keep smiling - though I can’t do that very well as half my cheek muscles seem to be dead)


:slightly_smiling_face: The arrival of my first grandchild is imminent, and I have similar concerns. It has crossed my mind that we would both be more ‘comfortable’ getting acquainted sitting down :wink:
Have you been offered any kind of therapy, sometimes Botox injections can help.

My good wife has banned me from touching her grandchild unless I’m sat down! I’m quite happy with that. I’ve had some physiotherapy for balance etc. I don’t think I want any Botox, so I’m not intending prompting them.