Success stories and also anxiety questions, any input would be gredat5

Hi everyone!!

I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with Friedreichs Ataxia 7 years ago. I currently have a 2 1/2 year old son and a 7 month old daughter. I was doing pretty good before I had my son but every since I feel the need to push a stroller or cart when out and abou,t but when I'm at home I most often feel pretty decent. I carry my daughter around and don't have many obvious issues. I am working with a physio therapist who is doing wonders for me and I have been feeling quite hopeful about my physical state lately. My huge issue is my anxiety walking in public or even at home when we have company over. The anxiety makes my FA look debilitating, my body shakes, I get weak and more off balance. I'm so afraid of falling infront of people that I lean on everything and look incredibly physically disabled even though I'm not! The moment we get home from an event (even a family dinner with people I love) I walk great, though when I was out around everyone I was hobbling around almost falling over and constantly reaching for my husband. My husband thinks that 80% of the FA is in my head because of how differently I walk depending on the situation.I'm at the point now where I'm looking into getting a rollater because I'm so afraid of going out by myself I find myself missing out. I don't really know if I need it or if it's just my anxiety ruining everything. I kinda feel like I'm failing by getting a rollator and giving into my anxiety and fears if it's not something I physically need yet. Does anyone have any similar stories? or thoughts and ideas? I'm feeling very trapped and confused on what to do..

You are not alone! I too have this issue when out in public, at a social event, or even when i go to my mothers house.I do not use my cane while at home, but at times I should (eve when i am tired) FA is not in your head, it is a trait passed down and can be seen by genetics, is my understanding. Your anxiety is more so outside of home because you are around people you do not know, and with a condition like FA, you probably feel like I do with ataxia, you aremore aware of it around strangers. Anxiety can make your symptoms worse. I had that same problem today in fact when I went to the store, I felt like everyone was staring at me and maybe judging me just by the use of my cane. By the time I got home , my speech was slurred and I was staggering up the stairs. My suggestion, go by what your body tells you.I see a counselor, whom I trust very much, for my anxiety. The first day I could not walk a straight line, I wondered if if was just anxiety. Almost 2 months later I stagger when I walk. My counselor said to me, when I spoke about my fears, said, "Teresa, I have never met anyone with so some much anxiety, that they could not walk." That put my mind at ease that this is NOT all in my head. When I am at the store or around groups of people , I feel very unbalanced. I feel like I will fall on someone or bump into someone. More so when I go down an isle at the store.It has something to do with our position in space and where our perception is.Confidence is the key to our disability. I too have the same fears, you are not alone!