Being able to communicate

My speech has got worse over the past week. Although I’ve a lot I’d like to say,I refrain because I am hard to understand. My shaking has also got worse but not my spirit. Where there’s a wil there’s a way!

Same here.

I found exercise helped my involuntary movement but have same difficulties with speech.

Maybe you can get help with speech therapy? unfortunately I don't qualify as I'm hearing impaired already, an 'expert' decided I just 'sounded deaf' and that was the end of it so I never got any! .. might have saved them £3,500 funding me a communication aid several years later!

Ask about it and if they say No to speech therapy ask if they will fund a communication aid as you have a right to be able to communicate! They might change their mind about the speech therapy if they are only saying No to save money and not cos they think you wouldn't benefit from it.

We all have bad days,when we think (why me). I’m 50 and have LIVED an able person life. Now I want to concentrate on being of help if I can. Might take a few years but I have the determination even if I became able bodied again. This thought takes away the physical and mental pain. Reading a lot of discussion etc, the impression I get is of hope from you all no matter what you face. We will be part of the majority,not the minority.

Hi Kempy - are you able to write? if so or if not, you might consider a typing converter software like (can't think of the name of it right off hand - but will probably think of it tomorrow =) - but it's like a headset that you speak into and then the computer translates it on your computer.

It wouldn't help with your speech, but maybe writing communication coupled with speech therapy would help???

I have a very good speech therapist but my speech is getting worse and my writing is unreadable.Anyone any suggestions? Have seen ENT specialist who said all "normal"

Its hard when you want to say something it easier to be quite than struggly with trying to be understood

i get frustrated

but because i sit and say nothing doesnt mean i don't want to join in conversation

rant over soz


Hi Marty

Hope this message finds you in good spirit

keep positive