I have to expend a lot of energy to speak clearly…talking so slowly that people finish my sentences for me. Are there resources out there with exercises or programs to improve my speech?

I mourn the loss of my speech more than mobility.The good thing I have learnt now is to listen more.I was a chattterbox.I use the computer to communicate now as speech is there but very hard.Good excuse not to answer the phone.!!I just go to quiet places now and I am quite happy.The key is to adapt and see life as a new chapter not mourn the loss of old skills.

Every slows down, when your speech is impaired. This experience is mine since some days, as the symptoms worsened and i now have to try hard sometimes that i get understood on the phone. This is especially hard when i have already tried everything and the other person still cannot understand my speech. Yesterday i have been nearly desperated in such a situation. And - surprisingly- this time the other person answered: No, this is our problem because our phone technic has a problem all the day today... I felt released.. But how will i manage the difficulties waiting for me in the future? It s on one side the self-stigmatisation, - the waiting for beeing critizised for not talking precisely, to wast the time of the other person, and on the other side the real impairment. I have used to phone a lot; for me and also for others, to get through the usual many phone-calls till arriving at the right person, especially in hospitals and in adminstration/government departments..My uncle 79, SCA 6 is not able to write anymore on his computer, - my aunt told me on the phone yesterday. This must be hard. i will meet the both on Monday and try to find out where the problem is, then looking after probably helping aids...I guess why you have lost your speech. Is it because you cannot intonate any more? Or are these the articulation properties you don`t work any more? I read in the forum that also others are feeling with you, and so i. And now the writing: I hope to bring back details from my uncle and communicate them to you; to the forum in search of some advice, how to cope and perhaps improve in that problem My uncle can talk, but slowly - and i think this is sort of "slurred speech". Ich am not common with the new definitions/words which i am meeting with actually here, in this forum. Wishing you a nice day.. Margarete

I don't slur.I think its something to do with breathing.I just have difficulty talking.I feel normal until I talk and walk.I think I have got into bad habits with my walking. I read Jeannie's link from that Dr with Ataxia.I can type i just make lots of mistakes.

With my speech I need to try and slow down.It is my difficulty in speaking.People seem to understand me most of the time but it is very difficult not to respond and to adapt from being a chatterbox.


You are right. i am also a chatterbox. also in writing. Please provide me/us with some probes of your writings. Do you do the corrections immediately.? There are some specific writing mistakes. My handwriting always has been problematic. But my typing only starts now to cause sometimes problems. I tend to miss typing letters, and i realize that it costs me much more force to type. Last year i experienced a sort of acute deteriorisation of my state, with extremely impaired handwriting. After some weeks this became better. i was looking for my diagnosis for that, because the medicians did not help me or die not believe me. So i came to a writing test for a sort of liver-brain pathology - the name actually not in my mind, - will reappear. You can get a sort of diagnostic information about your state of mind/brain by doing such testing! In my experience this test is not done in Vienna, i only have got it from the web.