Bionics will help us

They are talking of personal versions in 2 years. Amazing

that video is from July and here is a later one:

Watched the videos with hope but it is my brain which has shrunk and that is what controls my movement >my speechand the co-ordination of my eyes would be the thing that would help .I would love to think something could help though and I hope it will help those with ataxia who have got spinal damage.

of course, this is not a cure-all. At least, the eLegs extends the faculty of walking. Even though the brain shrinks, our hands should be functional for a while and they drive the eLegs. Now, speech and eyes are another story...

I can walk but it is a lurch.I cannot walk unaided out of the house.I would love to be able to walk up slopes and hills without freezing because the natural brakes don't work.I would like to be able to get fro m one end of the garden to the other without support.Great devvelopment for those who have spinal injuries though.

Yes Marie, i too wish i could walk un-aided!! I lurch as well,i hate the co-ordination and the speech part of this condition,i know there are worst people out there,but being very active pre ca,its very frustrating is'nt it?

It has taken me four years to accept it .I stillget cross but I am not sure who i am cross with.Much healthier to be calm but oh so hard to achieve.Makes you appreciate what we do have.

Take care Sheila.