Blocked / Underwater / Pressurised sounding ears?

Hi all,

Does anyone here have trouble with their ears? My ears will block and unblock at a moments notice. It's not an earwax problem (sorry if that's gross but have to state it outright that I've already had that checked out!).

I end up sounding really adenoidal - it'd be nice to sort this ear thing out, or at least know if it's related to the ataxia or whether I should be pursuing an ENT.

PS - I'm not sure what type of ataxia I have -my neuro thinks it's episodic as I generally have as many good days as bad since this thing came on (a year ago).



Dear Jean I have been diagnosed with eisodic ataxia in 2011. Mine is quite good because the Diamox helps and the attacks till now have been actually sporadic. I can tell you that i have noticed that i am not only losing my eyesight but also my hearing capabilities.

As far as seeking out an ENT, it may be advisable. While I rarely get blocked ears, ever since the ataxia, my hearing has become hyper sensitive, I have no problem hearing people whispering behind my back (sometimes a problem, sometimes not!) I have to carry around earplugs with me. I find movie theaters, especially are way to loud for me.