Tinitus, hyperacusis and SCA

I was diagnosed with Ataxia a little over a year ago. I have both tinnitus and hyperacusis for several years. I am wondering if anyone with Ataxia has any experience with these other problems.

I have frequent mild tinitus but then I also have occasional severe boughts of it that freeze me in my tracks makes me want to cover my ears and feel like my body is under a severe pressure. I frequently have to brace myself as it is usually followed by a complete loss of balance and slurred speech. I am super sensitive to low frequncy noise and bass. I never realized it has a name.

I have constant tinnitus and never knew the name for noise sensitivity, now I do. You are not alone in this.

Hi Bruce :slight_smile:
This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Hyperacusis and what it means.

Certain noises definitely make me anxious and extremely irritated.
It’s when levels reach a particular pitch.

The worst experience was in a themed restaurant, it was motor racing.
My husband and children were having a great time, I was reduced to tears,
couldn’t eat, I just wanted to leave. In fact I think I actually did have to go
outside. I can’t bear to watch motor racing on TV either.

Fireworks have a similar reaction, I hate celebrations with fireworks. This
makes you feel like a party pooper, it’s spoilt a lot of outings with the family.

Re tinnitus, I don’t have it but my husband does. Because of SCA I tend to
mumble a lot and he doesn’t hear me :slight_smile: Happy days :slight_smile: xB

I have a constant tinnitus and occasional hyperacuity. In fact, the tinnitus was one of the primary reasons I was misdiagnosed with Menier’s disease, a misdiagnosis I lived with for seven years before finally discovering that it was actually SCA that I have.

I have constant Tinitus and sometimes I get clicking and a light sabre sort of noise when I turn my head. Horrible, I hate it.
By the way, hi Beryl, I’m in Tennerife now xxxxx

Tenerife, you lucky duck :slight_smile: have a good bit lie in the sun for me Bev :slight_smile: xB