What is your favourite book or books? Mine is A thousand splendid suns by Khaled Hosseini

Anything which transports me out of reality and is edifying not frustrating.

Have read thousand splediid suns .Like Lord of the Rings trilogy as read it in pre-ataxia days and was transported.

If you can Marie try The five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom


Have read Tuesdays with Morrie by same author.Will download the above.Have read the sample twice.


Tuesdays with Morrie is great. Also by same author is For one more day. You really cant beat a good book to take you somewhere else


I read Morrie's book The 5 people you meet in heaven really fast. It kept my attention and I'm not into finishing books that fast either! Tuesday's with Morrie was great also! They sure make you think! :0) Very deep!

My favorite book is the New International Bible. I was told not to read it cover to cover and just pick out things in the back of the book there is a guide so I could look things up like depending on how I felt that day. I have the teaching version that explains each scripture in todays language for me so it makes much more since to me. I started in John and that gave me an overall clue that it was much different than how I was brought up in Catholic school I rebelled agent it. It's not meant to be read cover to cover and because of my ataxia I guess I like knowing that because I'm a jumper! :0)

I'm always amazed now after getting into it and reading things what comes out of it for me that I relate to daily living every day is so different. I'm hooked because I notice if I skip a day now I tend to not have a focus on what my day could be like, and it helps me to be more positive about my ataxia.

Joyce Meyer's is a good author also. She actually explains the Bible in layman terms which I like. She's so down to earth. I like all of her books. A few years ago I shied away from anything the had the word God in it until I learned that everyone has a higher power (it is what we put our attention on, that's called our higher power).

"Battleship Of The Mind" by Joyce Meyer's book was wonderful. I pick it up again from time to time. There is always something that I seemed to have missed before.

Then I started looking for something outside of myself that could possible help me because of getting this ataxia. I really thought my life was over. Looking back now it was, the way I knew it was. But now I know it's just a new chapter and open to what I will choose to do with it.

There are ton's of messages. She has a website with her video's and books there that I seem to enjoy

Thanks Jeannie

Probably the book I can can re read without ever tiring of it is Margaret Atwood's 'The Handmaid's Tale' ..absolutely brilliant writing. Also 'Brave New World' Aldous Huxley. The Screwtape Letters , C.S. Lewis (I'm an atheist but still find it an amazing read)

I read anything and everything but always return to a few old favourites when the going gets tough!


The handmaids tale is brilliant. I get all of my books from charity shops or amazon uk

Hey all,

(This may run a little long - picking a favorite book is no easy task for me!)

I was astounded the other day when I realised that I had missed the launch date of two books! The first was the coauthored 'The science of Discworld IV - Judgement day' by Pratchett, Stewart and Cohan. That book is in two parts the first being a Discworld story and the second showing how Discworld fantasy relates to real science (a hard read). The second book is another collaboration, this time between Pratchett and Baxter; 'The Long War' is a follow up to 'The long Earth' - both fiction. It is very unusual for me to miss any launch date of any book written or co-written by Terry Pratchett as he is my favorite author.

It is hard to pick a favorite book! As mentioned, Pratchett is my favorite author and I have to say that my favorite by him is 'Reaper Man'. My choice has been questioned by other Pratchett fans as some see it as a weak book by Pratchett. I care not what others think on this matter as, though I may not know literature, I know what I like!

Other books I like a whole lot but in no particular order of favoritism include;

A Clockwork Orange - Burgess

The Hobbit - Tolkien

Maus - Spiegelman (This is more of a graphic novel)

I remember two books that I really enjoyed and could have been my favorites as a child (it is a long time since I read either);

A Kestrel for a Knave (AKA: Kes) - Hines

Lord of the flies - Golding

I also have some 'technical' books relating to computer science mostly. Of course, those books are for education not entertainment. :)

I have a large book case with the top two shelves containing Pratchett books and 3 1/2 shelves with various books by many authors. I also have about forty or so books on my iPad - some read and others yet to read! I prefer dead tree format though and my books (all) mean a lot to me.

Believe it or not A clockwork orange is the first book I remember reading at school, given to me by the school nutter. A brilliant book. I only read Lord of the flies a couple of years back and was totally blown away by it. Loved the film but have never read A Kestrel for a knave. I wouldn't know what to do without books and music