Brainstorm how to make major news sites or publishers mention ataxia

I would like to brainstorm how to raise awareness by having major news organizations mention ataxia. I was disappointed that there was no mention anywhere else about International Ataxia day.

Next year, I'd definitely like to change this.

Let's have a discussion about how to go about it.

I am amazed that there is no motivation to improve awareness about our condition. This is sad and depressing.

How can we then think non-Ataxians don't understand our situation and expect them to help?

I totally understand what you're saying and going by that train of thought, why even have an Ataxia Awareness Day.

But if we have one, let's make sure we can make the most of it.

I totally know your heart is in the right place, and I understand what you mean.

I know I can count on your support, Michael.

I just don't see any motivation for this from others in the online groups.

The condition is not very well known and needs more awareness

The ignorance of the mass should be a hindersnce