Cards that inform

I met someone recently who has a disease that effects his speech and so he carries business cards that state, “I have a medical condition which affects my ability to speak with you as well as I would like. I’ll do my best! Thanks for understanding.” He hands the card to check out cashiers, barristas, etc. I am considering some version for myself because I often get flustered/upset at the check out counter (and other hectic settings) as I struggle with communicating. I was reading other comments from people with similar experiences, so decided to share.
I will try to upload the image.


Work’n on a card myself CS


You / I can get 500 cards for $ 10.00 or less–AEl_UaAlRK8P8HAQ

That’s an excellent idea. I hopeithelps you. It might be helpful at social gatherings too. Sorry,my typing’ terribl