Not quite sure

as ive mentioned my ataxia is caused by a rare blood cancer my 1st chemo was in 1970 my last chemo was 1978 i also recieved 600 gy of cranial radiotherapy so theres a lot of damage throughout my entire body so the doctors have no idea of whare to start i have calcification on my dentate nuclei the doctors probably did not expect me to live this long

Firstly, Congratulations for beating the odds! It sounds like what you are describing is ataxia as a symptom vs a diagnosis.

There are a few people here who have ataxia as a result of cancer treatments. Hopefully they will be able to give you some answers and encouragement.

What I would encourage you to do (if you’re not already), is eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Add CoQ10, vitamin B12 and healthy fats (walnuts, Flax meal). Our brains need fats to function properly.
Take care.

i take coq10 and i also suffer slow bowel motility and thank you so much for your kind words jules xxx