I was recently informed by my daughter, that her husband does not want my four year granddaughter to stay with me the weekend of our family Christmas party. Apparently because of my condition ( mind you only acquired since Sept) he feels it is not safe for her to be with me without her mom present. My daughter is not allowed, by her husband, to stay the night anywhere except HIS moms.

He is a very controlling person.

This has left me very upset and depressed. I have worked hard the last two months to walk better so it would be easier for me to handle my grandchildren when they come to stay with me.

This is going to be a very depressing xmas

That said your love for your grand daughter will be more, treat every day as Christmas

Happy Holidays

Yes, that is true

I think you should tell your daughter to get a backbone and speak up and not to bring that dork to the house. If it escalates she can then deal with it right.

WHY????? Are you going to pick her up? If you're not going to pick her up what is not safe?

What does he think is unsafe? Why does he think you would do anything to harm your granddaughter?

Sounds like just a poor excuse not to let her stay with you.

Because I walk with a cane, and cant keep my balance. My fiance and I live together and he is wonderful with my grand kids, but my son-in-law is ignorant about people with disabilities. The issue is under" consideration", as my daughter put it.

I think he needs to realize that you would never put your grandchild in harm's way.

What if this was his wife or daughter or HIS mom?

Exactly Kay!\ That is exactly what I said to her, what if it was HIS mom.


What is your son-in-law teaching your granddaughter? He's showing her that you need to stay away from people that use canes/walkers/wheelchairs or any other assistive devices. He's showing her how to be prejudice against people with disabilities.

I think HE'S afraid of your cane and using your granddaughter as an excuse.

I think so too.