Connecting with people in Sydney and N.S.W

Hello my name is Paul I am 63 yrs old and have ataxia type 6 and I was diagnosed with it early 2011 I think the onset of this condition started in 2007 when i had a few falls
my degeneration has been slow but unrelenting,
I have been wondering if there is anybody else that may have this condition or similar that live in the Sydney metropolitan area or new south wales I would like to meet up just to compare experiences

Hi Paul, welcome :slightly_smiling_face:
Many of us here cope with SCA6 but I’m not certain how many may live in Australia🙂 And, although this site has a lot of members, not everyone logs on regularly to check posts.

There are ataxia Support Groups on Facebook, you could for example search for ‘Spinocerebellar Ataxia Awareness and Research group’ I’ve seen posts on there from people in Australia.

Also, see for information specific to Australia :slightly_smiling_face:xB

Hi Paul
I am in Auckland NZ
also have Sca 6 glad to swap information.