Contented but

… I do often miss the hobbies I used to have before my balance went haywire. My main two were metal detecting and 1870 Western Re-enacting. Metal detecting was really interesting, especially uncovering bits from the past. My oldest find was a clothing fastener identified by one on the York museums as being from the period 50bc/ 1st century. Other stuff was from many periods. I made a great study of the early American West, I admired greatly the early settlers of around the 1860/70 period. The clothing of course was very Victorian in style, not much like the 1950s cowboy films where everyone looked so clean and tidy. I was a member of a reenactment society in York where we had an encampment very close to a reproduction Viking village. People in our society had interest in various occupations and they had collections of suitable equipment…for instance dentists, barbers, undertakers, lawmen etc. I certainly had some enjoyable weekends there. Unfortunately these things came to an end when I lost my balance and also my driving licence… :confused: however I’m quite contented now. I enjoy the occasional short walk with my wife and dog. When the covid restrictions are lifted it will be nice to visit the stately homes again and wander around the grounds with my rollator​:grin:
Just for now some better weather would be an improvement in the UK eh?


Sounds like you had a very nice full life. I was looking forward to professional sports career. This is why I think that the psychological aspect of Ataxia can be worse than the physical aspect. We understand here so come back often.

:hushed: That was an amazing find…50bc/1st century :slightly_smiling_face:
The closest I’ve come to ‘reenactment’ is visiting a local attraction ( but your version sounds much more interesting :slightly_smiling_face:
Just before ataxia symptoms became particularly troublesome I enrolled as a mature student…Some courses fell by the wayside because concentration was being greatly affected, but the art course gave me a lot peace and contentment :slightly_smiling_face:
Let’s hope better weather is on the horizon, roll on Spring :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Beryl, Yep, roll on Spring… I certainly go along with that idea. It will be so nice to have some warmer weather to get into the garden at least. We have a favourite spot in Goole we like to visit, they have a very nice park with very wide paths, a bandstand, good toilet a nice roomy cafe. It will be really nice to wander about the grounds, of course I’m talking about normal times after our current restrictions are lifted. I do like to wander about with my rollator to get some exercise but for slightly longer trips I intend getting a mobility scooter which will hopefully fit into my wife’s car. We enjoy wandering around the grounds of Beningbrough Hall and hope to soon visit again.
By the way, this is my third attempt at replying to you, hope you get this ok. Maybe my internet is playing up. If this doesnt go I will try tomorrow.
Meanwhile stay safe Beryl…summer is not far away now. Ian.

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:slightly_smiling_face: I’m all for going somewhere nice and flat Ian, and when we’re finally out of lockdown we can look forward to exploring again :slightly_smiling_face: And it’s a bonus when there’s a nice Cafe :wink:
I haven’t been out much at all during lockdown, and I’m beginning to realise I definitely need more exercise to loosen joints and flex muscles.
We’ve downsized, and are renting at the moment, but we hope to shortly be moving into a bungalow we’re renovating :slightly_smiling_face: We’ve just been along there this afternoon to speak to the plumber, decision re where to put the hand spray in the shower…Hopefully just a few more decisions and with lockdown finally on the horizon, it’ll be plain sailing :slightly_smiling_face:
Just to let you know I only received 1 message :slightly_smiling_face: Stay safe :slightly_smiling_face: