Denied Neuro Appt due to Covid19 Sx

My neurologist’s office called me yesterday to remind me of a regular appointment.

The receptionist ran off a long list of symptoms and asked if I had any of them.

Yes, I’ve had a fever randomly for months, shortness of breath, and last Winter I had several respiratory issues, each treated under a different diagnosis.

But no test. We can’t get them where I am.

She rescheduled me for July and said to call for any medication refills.

I said okay, but just so you understand, my neurologist would be the one to advise me if I DO have it…

Um, okay, she said. And that was it.

So frustrating.

People are nervous. Hard to blame her.

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:thinking: If you are really concerned that you may have Covid-19, is it possible to speak to your GP to ask for advice to put your mind at rest, generally speaking not everybody coping with ataxia will need to be shielded. Here in the UK, the only advice is to self-isolate for up to 14 days if symptoms are suspected, but obviously if symptoms are really debilitating you need medical advice.
I recently had a telephone appointment with a NeuroPhysio, she told me it was likely all future appointments with a Neurologist in the UK would be via Skype/Zoom. Is it possible for you to ask for something similar with your Neurologist :thinking: