Corona virus and Ataxia patients from NAF-vaccination

From the National Ataxia Foundation

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Just got tested again. Waiting for results. Not worried!:grin:. Took the test that takes a few days for the results rather than the rapid test since the former is more accurate. It’s been recommended that you get tested somewhat frequently even if you display no symptoms. You don’t want this virus!!!:flushed:

:thinking:Unless I know I’ve been in contact with someone who is positive for Covid, or I have recognisable symptoms, or I need to prove for whatever reason I don’t have the virus, I see no point in having a test.

Here is the latest advice from Public Health England.

If you have Covid symptoms, you must get a test

If you don’t have symptoms, don’t get a test

If you don’t have Coronavirus symptoms, and have not been advised to take a test by a doctor or a public health professional, you should not be booking a test.

A recent survey states that a quarter of people arriving at testing sites don’t have any symptoms. Please ensure that testing remains for people who actually need it.
What are the symptoms?

NHS 111 lists the main symptoms of Coronavirus as

a high temperature, a new
continuous cough
a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste
Most people with coronavirus have at least one of these symptoms.

The testing recommendations seem to be quite changeable. When there is a potential shortage of tests, testing asymptomatic people for no reason seems senseless. Testing people with exposure. . . . well, they have to quarantine anyway. A negative test doesn’t get someone out of quarantine.

Yet in New York City, there’s commercials on tv to get regular testing. What? Yet, getting tested can find asymptomatic (or presymptomatic) carriers, and isolate them before they have the opportunity to get infect others.

Sharon from ModSupport

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I live in NY. So I’ll continue to be tested. I just lost a very good friend to this virus and I’m scared. I’ll do whatever it takes. Right now, I’m looking for the vaccine.

:thinking:It’s no wonder we question government advice, such different attitudes. Here, there’s no recommendation to have regular testing, I don’t think the system could cope anyway. We did have test and trace for a while but there’s been no mention of it for weeks. It would worry me more if I was being tested regularly, it would be on my mind constantly and I can do without the extra stress.
I stay home unless shopping for food, and then I always wear a mask. Some supermarkets are refusing entry to people not wearing masks unless they have a ‘medical exemption’ … how that’s going to work I don’t know.
Is the vaccine an answer, I don’t know…Has there really been sufficient mass testing…
We just have to heed advice and trust…

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I completely understand where you’re coming from. But what you say is exactly why there should be constant testing. Folks go to stores where they might be exposed; I go to stores plus I go to my gym 3-4 times a week. FYI, while I’m at the gym, I am constantly sanitizing my hands and equipment. Plus I make sure not to touch my face and I stay away from others. The gym has multiple sanitizing stations all over the place and I use them quite a bit. 99% of the members properly wear their masks but there’s always a few who don’t. I stay away from them - mostly in the under 40 age group. They think they’re invulnerable! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: The vaccine is all we have now so I’ll give it a shot. Finger’s crossed. No pun intended. Give it a shot means give it a chance.

:woozy_face: Over here, we’re in lockdown, we aren’t supposed to venture from our homes unless it’s not possible to work from home, or we need to food shop, or we need medical help, or we’re doing 30 minutes outdoor exercise per day. Gyms are closed.
Police have issued fines to people not adhering to advice (illegal gatherings…parties, and travelling distances from their homes to exercise and socialise).
The government have said that further restrictions can’t be ruled out.

Hey Beryl,
I think you are 100% correct regarding all of the mixed messages from all levels of government, I say that because it seems to be happening everywhere. Here in Australia there’s been a lot of ‘Wear masks’ but then there’s a lot of ‘No need to wear masks’, ‘Isolate’ and ‘Don’t isolate’ and many times it depending on which flavour of politician you want to listen too. The money men want you out there spending money ‘Don’t Isolate’. I’ve given up on the politicians… too confusing.

Now, I listen to the health officials. IMO this is a health issue, not a dollar issue. If they say ‘mask up just as a precaution’ I’m taking the precaution and I isolate 90% of the time anyways, it’s just easier for me. Stay safe, stay home. There’s people out there protesting ‘Masks are an infringement on my human rights’ my argument to this is ‘Death is a greater infringement than a damn mask’ :wink:

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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