HI All

I have tried different drugs for depression over the years and they work for several years before my depression gets bad again and the thought of changing again is a nightmare. Does anyone have any ideas what else I might try.

I have Ataxia

And NO I do not belive in god and have no intention to although I know belief does help some people cope it is not for me

Thanks Bob

Well I had to laugh when I read the last part of this. Thank you for that chukel. Since I believe that everyone has a higher power they place their trust in weather they call it God or a blade of grass or money or Dr's etc.

But have you tried nutrition meaning refined sugar and combo of flour. Ofcourse not having any pesticides, additives etc. seems to have taken that need away from me.

But that said nutrition works for me and my bleif in God.But everyone has to find their things that work for them! :0)

Hi Bob

I have chronic depression too and I take Effexor xl and Trazadone which seems to keep me stable. I to am an atheist and as my life goes on I have become even more so. I follow straight edge punk which means no drink,drugs or smoking and has been great for me. I also went to the Glasgow Buddhist centre for a course on simple meditation witch is brilliant. I don't know your story Bob but trying to keep it together in your situation must be hard. I have had a lot of tragedy in my life and now my daughter has sca2. Also a great thing is CBT which really helps you to think straight. Can I just say a final word to Jeanie Ball. You are one of the most caring people on here and always have encouragement for everyone.