Mood and house

I appoligise if there is a topic for these somewhere but i couldnt find them.

How do people stay happy? I came of anti deppression tablets back in june and feel like i going back to that point, feel like whats the point? being single, jobless, pennyless, etc

how does housing work, i am young but will never able to afford my own house as i dont work. if i sign on to the council house with the crappy benefits i wouldnt be able to run my car aswell, so do you have to choose? car or house?

I can tell you what it's like for me.

I used to take anti-depressant and was able to get off of them when I gave up Gluten, flour and refined sugar. Refined sugars are depressants (they got me up for a minute and then I'd crash down even lower than I was before). I didn't realize that until I stopped for a while.

I read positive things thought my day most days. When I wake up I read my Bible and starting your day right daily affirmations and thoughts for the day, then just before bed I read a night time devotional (one for each day of the year-my last thought I dream about good thoughts). My thinking is Garbage in (whether it's food or New's etc) Garbage out! I've gotten very choosy on what I let into my thoughts now. It works for me! :0)

Exercise also gets me out of a funk. I can't help but start smiling with the blood flowing to my brain. I find helping another person even in small ways, thinking of others, getting out of myself helps me a lot. :0) It takes work some days but it's so worth the challenge! :0)

You should be able to get Housing Benefit that would cover your rent, if you get DLA can you use that to get a car?

Are you on the new ESA? The CAB should be able to advise you about what benefits you can get.

John is right, maintaining independence is a full time job!