Describe your experience with Occupational Therapy

Has anyone learned anything from occupational therapy?

Even though my OT was a great person and did what he was expected to do by himself and others, I was greatly disappointed. I guess I had vastly different expectations when I asked the Dr. if I could have OT at home.

I have to admit the arm exercises he had me do, and the leg exercises the PTA taught me are beneficial in keeping up strenghth in general and keeping me moving. But, I expected more help or advise in how to arrange things and do things around the house to make everyday tasks that seem to be more and more difficult easier for me. One time I fell recently, I turned left while using a cane in my right hand. My daughter told me after the fact that I should have had the cane in my left hand. I would think that OT could educate one on these sort of things. He told me that they could work with someone to gain basis skills like feeding oneself or getting dressed. I guess they are used to working with people who are much worse off than I am.

Funny thing, I tried to think of things to ask about while the OT was coming. I drew a blank for the most part. I guess I didn't know enough to know what questions to ask.

It is so frustrating to sit back and depend on others to do everything for you. I want to do what I can for as long as I can.

I want to be mobile as possible.It is not easy.

I think others on this site have been helped by physiotherapy an O/T is meant to give us aids to help us as much as possible.

My O/T suggested a higher toilet and higher setee so I can be more independent.The physio gives me exercises to buildup my strength.I know the theory but I am not sure have got the balance not very good about doing the exercises.Don't to make life too easy as will not get any exercise.

Using a walker round the house now after hearing horrible stories of falls etc.Given partly in but at least i am safe.

Hi granny, my OT was just ok. I think because they are just people that either have bad day's also or just don't messure up very well. Sorry you had a bad experence with one. But Please don't let that stop you from maybe trying another one soon! I think that we exspect more from thembut some just can't deliver. It's a shame really. I think you find good one's and slidders going through the motions (no pun intended).

Mine taught me how to fall so I wouldn't hurt myself. I didn't know there was an easier way like not being so tence when you fall and sticking your butt out to sit, or rolling to the side. We practiced that. It really helped me.I know it sounds funny but I can't remember anything else that sticks out in my mind.

I found that if I learn one thing from a (so called Dr.) I'm ahead of the game and focus on remembering just one thing they taught me.

Other than that I do allot of research on my own. Since we have the computer and have google I am always asking it questions for things. :0)

There is a great site that I found about a Dr that has ataixa also. I worked with him (because he travels -you can set it up through his site). He has learned how to we people that have ataxia need to funtion rgarldless what type we have. Check it out when you have some time

Hi Granny - I did; I had a ways to go to get back upto zero as some say, and I learned "new" ways to do things from each O.T. I had...including the appropriate way to fall and some vision scanning exercises.

I'm with Jeannie, I'd give it a second try...and the third time's a charm! You never know what you're going to get.