Physical thertapy

has anyone tried p.t. for a reason and find them selves getting worse when it comes to our difficulities ?

[getting up too fast, walking ,feeling more unstable & lightheadedness etc.] i have cerebeller ataxia


I don't do any physical therapy but I joined a gym last year and in a month I was ready to quit, I think too much exercises so I just do a lot of whatever I can. I don't think in my case exercise helps but to keep moving seems to be better for me. I feel the wasting away every day and have not slowed it down any. I just look for what is in my future like, I can see incontinence in my future so I have been getting ready in case. now I am looking into clothing that will be easier to put on and take off, also what will keep me warmer. my hearing and talking is going downhill so I am looking to find a telephone for me that you can read the message. There are so many people I hang up on that I cant understand or they are from India and cant talk good English. I am totally deaf in 1 ear and have a hearing aid in the other now but not too many people I can understand.

thanks. i dont think im going to do p.t. its made me worse. i ve seen the ads on tv in nj for the cap phones. the ones that read things out for you. yes the india people are hard to understand if you have good hearing or your local phone company and ask them about the phone.the only reason i was going to go to p.t. is because my nurolisist didnt like how unsteady i was. but not its givin me more problems. its not worth it. good luck

I was on a five week intensive therapy course as an in-patient at hospital. Including in the sessions were Physiotherapy, hand/eye co-ordination tests and mental ability tests. The course itself helped me in some ways but not in others. The physiotherapy helped me to gain muscle strength and better control. However after every day sessions I became very tired and found my balance and co-ordination worse. It was worse still whenever I woke up during the night to use the toilet. I could hardly walk at all and would feel very dizzy. As a result I had quite a few falls.

hi lian,

im only going cause my neuolist doesnt like my unsteadiness. after 7 days of my 1st visit things have gotten better with the dizziness but its still there. i go back today to start p.t. for my wide gait.[ first visit was for conseltatation and balance]. will talk to him today to see what he says. thanks for your input

Hi refinesher. I hope you benefit well from your p.t. sessions. What can be beneficial to some may not be beneficial to others. Hope you have a positive outcome. Good luck!

thanks. went back to p.t yesterday feeling much better now. were going to change my p.t. from my gait to my dizziness . yes had some problems yesterday with my balance but thats understandable. but today i i feel good.

I found I actually walk better since my therapy.

I had PT and occupational therapy at the same time. Also make sure the PT therapist works with neuro patients NOT orthopedic. There is a difference.

My first experience with PT was horrible. They would have just given me a cane/walker/wheelchair and gave me exercises to work on my legs. When I went to the correct therapist she gave me things that worked on my core (neck to butt). It sounds simple but I walk with my shoulders back and lead with my hips. I have gone from tripping many times a day to only a few (when I don't pay attention to what I'm doing) and falling from about twice a week to about twice every month.

i just started yesterday with pt working on my balance and pt therapist is a neuro wasnt too bad . ive been dizzy but not too bad. i dont go back till fri. i would have gone to my theripist but she only does orthopedic therapy.

Yes! My legs feel weaker, not stronger.

i talked to the therapist today and he said its normal to feel the way im feeling cause my body is doing something different .

[balancing exercises]. im going to give it a 2 week trial. if i sytill feel this way ill stop p.t.

Having been recently diagnosed with M.S.A. a specialist nurse said "Don`t exert yourself" Well, if I hadn`t pushed myself with weight training regularly (two times a week) I`m pretty sure I`d be in a wheelchair by now. Physio. wasn`t a great deal of help to be honest, my own personal fitness regime is what`s kept my legs working, but we are all affected in different ways, so do what works best for you.

It seems like if you over do it on the exercises it may not help but just keeping moving keep me going.

it wasnt due to over dueing it it was just mainly so far my body just wasnt used to the different p.t. exercises for balancing. we'll see what happens from here

How is the PT working?

thanks for asking. nothing has changed. the first week was bad cause they tested me for my balance. but after that im still the same. its been a good 2 weeks now and they say they give it a 4 week trial to see how people do. ill give it 2 more weeks and if nothing has changed ill give it up. ill let you know what happens


I went for 3 months. They worked on my balance, walking, looking up into the sky without holding on to something. When I would fall they would recreate it to see what I did wrong, walking and looking to the side, walking down stairs, walking on uneven surfaces.

thats pretty much what they did my first day there. after that i told them i didnt want to go through that again. it messed me up too much for a week by being too dizzy. since then i havent been doing those exercises but different ones.that was to see how bad my balance was.


I think walking for balance is key. I can balance fine if I am standing in place. It’s when I step out that the trouble begins.

I like to “dance” with my walker as partner. I play a waltz or two-step on my iPad and dance across the room. It gets both sides of the brain working together. I can be very tired next day, however, so I can’t go very long.

i walk about 1 1/2 miles a day but its turning ,bending down stupping those kind of things give me trouble. i dont think p.t. is helping . its been 3 weeks