Difficult day

Today was rather tough. I don’t know why is the weather is nice out. I’m having great difficulty climbing steps. We’re considering buying A stair lift. Yes they’re expensive, but I need to leave the house sometimes for doctor appointment. It would also be nice to have a meal out with my hubby and just get some fresh air. I couldn’t go down the stairs today. The room was moving way too much so I did not feel safe. I’m very discouraged today. Thanks for listening.

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Hi Geri, hang in there. I’m glad you could share this with us. The difficult days are a little better when you know you are not alone. A stair lift sounds like a great idea, I wonder if anyone here can advise on a good brand?

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I have a stair lift and I think it is great. Otherwise, I would not be able to get to half my house. We ended up moving–I am not the only reason–and I would not live in a house that I couldn’t get to all of. In the meantime, can you get up or down by scooting on your butt? It is not very dignified, but it is what I need to do if we visit my son and his family. I have given up on being dignified now.

The chair lift is also handy for delivering stuff up or down when warned/needed. I remember when my children sent a beer to my husband while he was wrapping Christmas gifts, a job he hates.

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Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the support. I may get more answers at my GoodShepherd evaluation on 2/15. This site offers useful information. It’s also good to know I’m not alone… God bless.

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Hi I have a difficult day coping with my deppressing I’ve got vital infection I keep getting due to my ataxia and I can’t walk as far as i used to I’m only 48 can’t exercise as much as I would like to it’s really hard to cope sometimes

Hi Tracy, welcome :blush: It can be so much harder to cope when you’re feeling ‘under the weather’ as well :smirk: We’re told Medications aren’t prescribed for viruses, so it’s often a case of having to weather the storm :roll_eyes: But, if you think a chest infection is setting in, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your doctor :slightly_smiling_face: Hopefully you’ll get out for fresh air and gentle exercise soon :slightly_smiling_face: xB

I’ve got steroids at min and nearly finished them I’m still coughing a lot I’m going to see how things go and then make another appointment with my doctors thanks for your advice

Bad days seem to come and go regardless of the weather don’t they? But bad, damp weather seems to magnify problems. I’m not certain if there is a direct correlation there or not? But I have my suspicions.:thinking:
I have an Acorn stair lift. I Had it installed a couple of years ago, I didn’t really need it at the time, however, I found it handy later. Now I always use it. Expensive, It cost me a fortune! but a valuable asset. I don’t take risks with the stairs (they are mean to me):persevere:!. I have a side split home design, and my bedroom, recreation room, and laundry are all on the lower level. So it’s necessary.:slightly_smiling_face:

Winter gets to me too, Hutchy. Like now. Fellow Ontarian, take heart … if winter comes, can blackflies be far behind? (Sorry, my friend.)

I have to admit, your post made me smile.

I don’t take risks with the stairs (they are mean to me)

Stairs are mean to me too. What a great way of looking at it. Thanks for the giggle.

Seenie (over by Petawawa)

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Hutchy I must admit I have read your post and I have problems all the time but cold dam weather seems to be worse and stairs are really mean to me to so I think you have a good way of looking at things

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