Difficulty swallowing pills?

For those who have difficulty swallowing pills ( with or without swallowing disorder), I just heard of a great product which apparently works great. It is called “Pill Glide” and is available over the counter in drugstores.
I checked the ingredients and it looks quite safe. You can spay your tongue and throat first and swallow the pill, or you can spay the product directly on the pill.
Check it out on the Internet.

Good news for those who can’t swallow pills and those terrified of doing so.

Just thought I would share this.
Have a good Labor Day week-end!

My physo

Recommend using yogurt instead of liquid to take tablets with.it has the added benefit of masking any bad taste

I used a product called Thick-it which helps but now I use O.J.

I used to need to add thickener to anything of water-thick consistency…might’ve been Thick It - not sure.

Also, applesauce might help with taking pills.

Good advise, thanks for sharing! ;o)

I take a banana with mine.I have more problem s picking up tablets.Although I put them in a small container the tablets go on the flloor to be follwed by the inevitable shouts of no when the dog looks interested in hoovering them up or they end up at the bottom of the ceraeal bowl swimming ikn milk never to be seen again.I only take vitamin pills and one citalopram and inevitably the wrong one which gets dropped.If I do have to take paracetemol they taste disgusting and your swallowing reflexes are impaired.That is why I would choose capsules or capulets each time.Some of the Omega fish oil tablets etc are so huge I would balk at taking them with just liquid.I have to kid myself and swallow big tablets with a mouthful of food., Not very elegant but it does the trick.

Great idea Marie! I'm going to try that..., ;o)

Great suggestions here for taking pills. I drop mine all the time too....and have worried many times if my dog got any of them! In the morning I take about 8 pills. I lose track of what I've taken.

I'm trying to be creative and think of a saucer shaped object that isn't slippery to put the pills on to pick each one up individually. Any ideas?

Julie, Maybe a ring holder would work (I have a plastic one that sits on my kitchen counter for my wedding ring). I don't know where I got it, as I've had it for years. I occasionally see glass ones, although they might be too slippery. If you have any interest, you could try to find a plastic one on the net. You might also try a pill separator (Mon, Tues, Wed and so forth), as they're plastic. You could get a double one and put ONE pill in each place (seeing how you take 8 pills daily). If you take 7 or less, one holder would suffice, as there's 7 days in the week.(I know you knew that, just trying to explain myself...,ha!) ;o)

Jack said:

I used a product called Thick-it which helps but now I use O.J.