Has anyone found something/meds to help this dizziness /imbalance?

No drugs so far. Tai chi and hydrotherapy exercises seem to help, but nothing seems to help the co-ordination...:/

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Same here. I was taking Baclofen for muscle stiffness but it didn't help with the co-ordination at all.

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Nope I've tried them..all

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There was a time when things were not as bad.when I had a balance vest. ..it worked..VERY well..until things got worse

Im on Amantadine 100 mg X2 & Requip 2mg Once a day & it works for me!

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I’ve been under the care of a wonderful Neuologist for 8 yrs. for Trigeminal Neuralgia. Ataxia was Dx 5 yrs ago p/ complications from a brain shunt implant surgery for obstructive hydrocephalus. That was a consequence of two other Neurosurg and 30 Radiation Tx for an elusive benign brain tumor. With that as context, she has had me on a combination of meds to help my Ataxia-related dizziness, imbalance and severe nausea. What has worked wonderfully for me are Clonopin, Fiorocet and Phenergan. I take them only on a really bad bad day. Otherwise, on a normal day, I rest my head back, don’t move, meditate, and listen to zen music. BTW, I ALWAYS use a Rollator walker-type mobile assistance. Why make it worse, when you can steady yourself, independently?!? Hope this is helpful, Myra!

Clonopin works quite well for as opposed to if I didn't take it

Unfortunately it's a it and miss..on what does or doesn't work..I have tried them all..

It also depends on what type you have..and your weight..too

Just what I learned from my late Father's cerebellum ataxia. I would not be surprised if some of the medications you are on are destroying the mitochondria. Also my Father was on statins and a low fat diet which is the total opposite of what the brain needs to operate. The brain needs cholesterol and fat. You all may want to check out Dr. Wahl's protocol. At one time she suffered from MS and was wheelchair bound. She is now riding her bike!!! We are fearfully and wonderfully made! Energy medicine would also be something you may want to research.

Buddy said:

Clonopin works quite well for as opposed to if I didn't take it. May I ask why? My Dr in Mayo wants to put me on it.

Going to ask neuro about treating tremors and dizziness symptoms but am afraid of some side effects.

lisamae said:

Buddy said:

Clonopin works quite well for as opposed to if I didn't take it. May I ask why? My Dr in Mayo wants to put me on it.

NM-Myra, I find Citirizine helps a bit. Chew 2-3 tablets in the morning, only for dizziness.I live in England, dont know the name in America.

Dear NM-Myra, I'm not on any medications for my ataxia. I find if I overdue (tiredness), I tend to suffer from more dizziness and imbalance. I wish there was a magic cure or pill with no side-effect for all this, as it's exhausting! o)

Clonopin helps me, NM-Myra; but,only if I use it very sparingly i.e., as REALLY needed for vertigo.

Otherwise, I’m dizzy -and off balance pretty much all the time, anyway. Therefore, with my head well-supported, I sit in “my” chair, on which I have all manner of pillows, ottoman, etc. to support me to read, watch TV, play with my cat, engage with others without that vile stamina thing, etc. It’s much better than lying down, and helps with mobility, as needed, as well as respiratory efficacy. Last, I use a rolator, always. Adding more “jostling” than our ataxic neuro systems deserve seems just inane to me. I HATE our Ataxia symptoms and will do anything, including swimming often, to mitigate them. Hope this is helpful!

Meanwhile, feel supported, NM-Myra. We, on this site, are all learning and sharing, too.

Colorado Doctor Finds Way To Treat Common Vertigo

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – More than seven million people in the U.S. suffer from vertigo with 50,000 in the Denver area alone. The symptoms include feeling surroundings spinning when nothing is moving.

Now there’s a new do-it-yourself way to treat the most common form of vertigo. CBS4 Health Specialist Kathy Walsh met the doctor who discovered the maneuver. Dr. Carol Foster is at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Foster’s recently published research is a breakthrough in the treatment of vertigo and could be life-changing for people who are disabled at times by extreme dizzy spells.

“You’re rolling over in bed and suddenly you’re hit with this incredible spinning and you see the room going around like you’re in the inside of a washing machine,” Foster said.

Foster has experienced the most common form called positional vertigo. It happens when particles in the ear that sense gravity get dislodged and end up in spinning sensors.

“It can make people have falls, they can be unable to go to work because they’re so dizzy, they can be vomiting,” Foster said. “So it’s very, very unpleasant.”

Foster is director of the Balance Laboratory at the CU School of Medicine. One morning, in treating herself, she came up with her own spin on how to fix vertigo at home. It’s called the “Half Somersault Maneuver.” Patients put their head upside down like they are going to do a somersault. They wait for dizziness to end then raise their head to back level. They then wait again for dizziness to end and then sit back quickly

Dr. Carol Foster instructs how to properly do the Half Somersault Maneuver (credit: CBS)

Dr. Carol Foster instructs how to properly do the Half Somersault Maneuver (credit: CBS)

“And that causes the particles to leave the semicircular canal,” Foster said.

A six-month study showed patents preferred the exercise over the one commonly used by doctors.

“I was surprised at how well it worked,” Foster said.

Foster has posted the breakthrough on the Internet.

“My goal in life is to basically get rid of all dizziness on the planet Earth,” she said.

She’s on her way — one half somersault at a time.

People liked the half somersault because they weren’t as dizzy and had fewer side effects. None of those patients returned to the doctor for dizziness treatments.

The dizziness is unreal at times. It feels like you are on a merry go round, that never stops! So hard to attempt to function like this when your world is constantly going round and round:(

i used to get dizzy also until i take some suppliments recommened by my daughter and doctor. i don't know which helps but something does:

baclopen, vitamin e (by doctor 's recommendation) baclophen is proscribed

vit b complex

vit d (a bloodtest saidi was deficient)


over the counter vitamim complex

take these daily