Do not understand!

I started going to PT.I have a wonderful girl who knows her stuff and has a dry sense of humor! She yells FIRE because I walk to fast. My ataxia is always there. My walking is like a drunken sailor. It is very hard for me to do some of the things she asks. But that's why I am going to PT. BUT she had me go on the rocker balance board. And I was catching and throwing a balloon and beach ball. Dancing. Rocking to the music. Holding it steady. I felt like home! She had me go back to the floor. The ataxia showed big time. I told her I felt a lot better on the board. Something going into the log books..I walked better that day. Needless to say I bought a rocker board today on amazon.

Hi Lori - I’m not familiar with the rocking board - if it’s anything like a bosu ball, that thing didn’t feel like home to me at all :slight_smile: I’ll look it up.

One of my PTs would always “bust” me when I broke my concentration on walking and almost falling to say hi to someone. It’s good that she had a sense of humor, too.

Glitter on Buttrtflies

No! I could never do a ball or a balance board. This has a bottom like a rocking chair. I only really found one. It is black and this one is plastic. I wish I knew how to put a picture on here.

I hope this works as good as the one for PT. I did it. Boy we can teach our self's everyday!

It is also called wobble board. We can sit and rock the board to get a feel for it if balance is a prime issue. Holding on to rails and using the board is another option. Safety plays an important factor no doubt!

Good idea to sit on it

Glad the rocker board is working out for you, Lori! I'm also going to pt again, as I went a couple years ago, and it really helped. I've yet to use a rocker board at the new pt place I'm attending, although I used one a couple years ago at the other pt place. I agree, I LOVED using the rocker board (holding on to something, of course...,ha!). I felt "normal" sensations in my legs while using it! I've looked online several times for rocker boards. Thanks to you Lori, I'm going to buy one to use at home (yes, J C, I'll use it very safely, good reminder!...,ha!) Thanks!

Rose my board is on its way. Wait to see if it works as good as the one in PT. Yes JC I do know all to well to be careful!

Now I know! Thanks! Thats what I love about this place. We all care!

Well Lori, I just ordered a rocker board AND a wobble board! Have never used a wobble board, although hopefully it will help by awful balance! Nothing ventured nothing gained, right? Thanks for caring JC, as it means so much!!! ;o)

Another balance exercise that I did was to just attempt to stand on a mattress - you probably want to hang onto something while doing this. Even when hanging on to something, signals are sent to the brain signaling that you desire to balance.

Sounds like a good exercise Glitter on Butterflies! I've used a soft square pad at pt, and although it's difficult to stand on, I believe it really helps my balance. Yes, I ALWAYS hold on to something or someone when doing this! My balance is so compromised, I must or I'll end up on the floor...,ha! You can buy those pads on Amazon also. I don't have one...,yet, although I'm considering it. ;o)

Yes that is a good. Because there is no way I can do that! Ha, Ha