Do you have any?

Thought this kind of thread might be of value to other members - especially new members or those who would be interested to learn of those things you might be doing to make your situation better. I’ll start it off. I find that taking vitamin D3 is good for your bones. Not a cure but good nevertheless. :grinning:


:slightly_smiling_face: My Neurologist tested me for VitD deficiency…it can cause Neurological problems.

I’d regularly been taking multivitamins just as an aid to my diet, and as long as I took them regularly, I seemed to be immune to colds etc…
Recently I’ve ‘dropped the ball’ …and despite having the flu shot I have had a cold, and unrelenting catarrh…:roll_eyes:


For me, it has been magnesium tablet night but also neurologist prescribed pregabalin for low pain and anxiety.
I also take multi B vitamin daily and multi vitamin and mineral alternate days.

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I also take Magnesium daily as Magnesium Citrate. MC is easier on the stomach than straight M. Good the next day if you know what I mean! :+1: