Do you play computer games

I am wondering how many of us play computer games. These days i play Role playing games and strategy games. As my reactions are not up to fast paced shooter games. The games i play these days are Lord of the Rings online and Dragon Age Origins.

I would love to try other games like Diablo 3 or Elder scrolls but it gets boring playing solo.

Hi Albion😊
My brain/eyes don’t work fast enough to be able to enjoy computer games🙄 Maybe there are groups of players on Facebook etc that you could join🤔xB

not as much as I used to. as I work with computers all day as a support tech, I find myself playing game on my pc less and less

the only game I play on computer at the moment is World of Warcraft

I use to play games, but as a lot of you, my reflexes aren’t fast enough. I play the games on facebook and do puzzles. No timed games though, I am not speedy enough.

Crosswords, and occasional Suduko help keep my brain ticking over but anything that requires hand/eye co-ordination is out. Ball games these days are a recipe for disaster🙄xB

I typically play solo games myself but every now and then I’ll get into stuff like Madden and Overwatch. I am a huge fan of the whole Final Fantasy series. You could give Final Fantasy 14 a shot as that is an MMO. Initially that game seems to require a lot of reflexes but as you get better at memorizing the enemies moves it becomes more about timing than reflexes. Like any other MMO if you find the right guild you’ll meet some cool people.

I’m more into Diablo 3 - like others here I don’t have the reflexes needed for the FPS-type games.

Hi Albion and all,

I’m a bit late to this party!

Warning! Incoming wall of text!

TLDR; As a long time (on and off) gamer, I would say that gaming is good for keeping the mind active and helpful for physical things such as coordination. From soduku to backgammon through kong and Mario on to halo, TESO or LOTRO and everything between – it’s all good. Just remember to not over do it!

My education is in computers / computing and for some time my work in various jobs included basic tech support. In my spare time I also built and managed home computers and small networks for friends and family. I never listened to people who would tell me not to make my hobby into a job until it was too late and I found myself shunning computer entertainment as I was doing so much other computer related tasks. In short, I took a couple years break from gaming!

Fast forward! I began gaming again and now have an OK gaming rig.

I quite like the Elder Scrolls and have played most (if not all) of the games from Redguard to Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls Online. I even have Morrowind in German – though mein Deutsche ist nicht so gut!

I also played the Warcraft games and then World of Warcraft alongside my nephew when he was old enough (home network > internet).

I can easily see how you could find The Elder Scrolls a bit boring in solo but would say that, if you have a suitable computer (or console), you could try out the fantastic Skyrim as a ‘stand alone’ entry into The Elder Scrolls. If you want to play with friends and on PC over the internet, The Elder Scrolls online (TESO) could be good for a start. (LOTRO) The Lord of The rings online is actually an old (ish) game and can be played on older computers but there is a game mechanic (war horse control / riding / combat) that works much better with a more powerful machine and a fast internet connection. That in mind, The Lord of The Rings Online is a very good game.

The most annoying thing for me as a gamer is the fact that I simply cannot keep up with more agile players. My coordination is not great on the best of days and this is not good when raiding for example! A lot of modern online games can be played extensively solo, in a kind of ‘co-op’ style play or with groups of players. Even playing something like TESO or LOTRO solo will bring you in to contact with other players of many skill levels. Though it might take some time to find a suitable group for online friendship and ‘team’ playing, there are many groups or ‘Guilds’ that cater for people who play casually, are less agile or have disabilities. And as Migetony wrote, find the right Guild and you will meet some cool people.

As for faster games, I used to play World of Tanks and World of Warplanes but hardly ever use them now as I cannot react fast enough to be competitive and this takes away some of the fun!

My main game now is a total conversion mod of Skyrim called Enderal. The game is great for me as I can take my time, explore and ‘level’ very much as I choose. Being single player, Enderal also affords me the luxury of playing when I feel I can and easily saving the game to continue later if I feel too fatigued or in pain to continue.

In general, I would say that gaming is good for keeping the mind active and helpful for physical things such as coordination. From soduko to backgammon through kong and Mario on to halo, TESO or LOTRO and everything between – it’s all good. Just remember to not over do it!

So! I hope you all can find or have found a good game that is suitable for your ability and play style. Keep gaming. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Add: I know it can be expensive but if you can get access to VR gaming then do! I have used VR (VIVE) to play some basic sit down and play games and found them great for a work out and very fun. Of course, the VIVE allows for Stand up and move around the room type games but these are not suitable for me due to my gait ataxia. :unamused:

I am unable to handle shooter games and I can not deal with timed ones too. I play Game of War, and King of Avalon. They give me the opportunity to talk to people and I do not have to have the added stress of meeting them in public which would bring about an attack for me.


I’ve used My Brain Solutions for games to help my brain following anesthesia. The algorithms of their programs are matched to each user…different say, from Lumosity, which only aims to increase speed…frustrating when dealing with ataxia…My Brain Solutions has been a lifesaver! JD

Sudoku ~ Ima wizzzzzzzzzzzzz:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, I like sudoku as well!