Does everyone know about this?

Pfizer (who makes Dilantin, which is a cause of Cerebellar Ataxia) is selling Celexa, which helps people stop smoking but is also prescribed to help people with ataxia-so in effect they’re PROFITING from the disease they created!!!

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This could be my answer how I might have got this. I am not sure what name of the pills I took prescribed by Kaiser in California to quit smoking in the late 90’S but I suffer from slow progressing Ataxia and my speech is slurry, like I’M drunk. I just went Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale in October which they did all kinds of test and a Genic blood test, which I do not have the results yet! Thank you!!!

Often the names of medications can be very similar and it can be so easy to confuse them🤔

Chantrix (Varenicline) is a prescription medicine developed by Pfizer to help people stop smoking.

Celexa ( Citalopram) is a prescription medicine developed by Forest Laboratories to help with depression.


Thank you Beryl. Yes, Celexa is made by Forrest, a Pfizer subsidiary, Chantrix is made by Pfizer. Both cause ataxia and are used in the treatment of ataxia. It’s awful that Pfizer is benefitting from this awful disease because they created it to begin with.

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