Does eyesight affect your Ataxia?

I am now 74. Will be 75 in May. I was adjusting to my Ataxia symptoms quite well. Early in 2020 I took a fall and Sciatica developed in my right leg that went from my knee all the way down to my foot. To say I was in pain would be an understatement. Doing anything such as shaving or taking a shower was a battle. Everything in the bathroom!!! Every room! Took five months to go away while doing the proper exercises.

The reason that I bring this up is that my balance and equilibrium also took a beating. Worse than before. Plus my eyesight has gotten somewhat worse. Anyway, although the pain is now gone [thank goodness] my balance is still worse. My eyesight has not recovered so I have to think that my eyes are playing a very important part in my balance.

What is your experience?

Question 2: My balance and equilibrium is much worse after lying down for awhile then standing up. Same for sitting awhile.

I’ve tried lying on the floor to do stretches, this was to bring some relief to leg pain. It was a struggle to get down, and lying flat brings nausea on, but it settled after a minute or so. Getting back up had to be done very slowly because nausea and dizziness kicked in…but stretching does help give pain relief :slightly_smiling_face:

My eye problems definitely make coping with ataxia worse, it’s frustrating and disorientating.