Things I’m noticing

As I get older, I’m noticing that my depth perception is becoming worse. Things such as uphill or downhill or curbs require more of my attention. I just can’t negotiate moving right away without analyzing what might be necessary before making the move. I’m only talking about a second but if someone is behind me it’s gonna catch them by surprise.

Also, last year when I had that brutal Sciatica, left me unbalanced worse even though the Sciatica is long gone.

Ataxia just keeps giving and giving.:sob:


Me too! Also I’m more ‘wobbly’ when it’s dark.


How did you get rid of the Sciatica? I have it troubling me at the moment. I have SCA 6 and go to the gym 2/3 a week and do some yoga stretches

Barry, I’m not sure that you ever get rid of Sciatica. It’s always lurking. But there are some things that help. First of all, icing the area is preferable to moist heat. 15 20 minutes every couple of hours. Also I find that keeping the hamstrings stretched helps also. Unfortunately, time is the best aid. 2 3 weeks and the inflammation pain should go away. Mobility is best. Sitting in not good for Sciatica! I know it sucks BUT it will go away.

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Thanks Chas521 for the advice
I agree that sitting watching TV does not help and will do regular hamstring stretches and try the ice pack suggestion as well…

Thanks again and keep positive .We are lucky in New Zealand to avoid the Covid hassles. Take care.



I always read this newsletter, feel a strong connection to you all!
Never apart from my rollator any more and my voice is pathetic, really miss it. Thank goodness for no pain. I’m enjoying the Facebook page (private) for fellow ataxians “National Ataxia Foundation”. Mostly good information and good exchanges and even a few good laughs!
Everyone take care and stay vertical!!

Mary Lib Bird


:slightly_smiling_face:Jan, Most of us have trouble orienteering ourselves in poor light and in the dark. Personally I dread Winter, when days are short…


:slightly_smiling_face: I’m a member of several ‘closed’ Facebook Ataxia Support Groups, they can be a good source of information, and good laughs :wink:


Yes all of that and degenerative due to age
Thank goodness for social media . Stay safe and don’t forget to smile :blush:

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Me too, as well as difficulty navigating in the dark and in large open spaces.

These problems have been present since onset which occurred at 70 years of age. I am now 77 and Thankfully progression has been very slow so far. I don’t have sciatica but I do have restless leg syndrome from time to time affecting my right leg only. Curiously my Ataxia is worse on my right side than my left. This is obvious in my gate and in the steadiness of my hands. My right hand will sometimes become shaky without warning while my left hand remains steady. I also feel numbness in my right arm from time to time but not in my left.

I am able to exercise strenuously lifting weights on machines and walking long distances with my rollator.
I do miss running and participating in sports however the exercises I am able to do may be slowing my progression.


I have noticed too that my depth perception is not what it used to be. :weary:

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I notice this myself…apart from that are you managing ok :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep I am noticing a change in my balance as I age more. I am 84 years now and I’m very thankful that my problems didn’t start until I was in my eighties but it’s still irritating having to take things a lot steadier nowadays. I have recently taken on the services of a gardener for a couple of hours once a fortnight to do the tiring jobs like lawn and hedge cutting plus trimming bushes and stuff. Funny thing is I still feel as if I could still manage the jobs but I tire unbelievably quickly when I try.
Since my burst appendix I have had a couple more hospital visits to get things checked due to the seriousness of the burst, however, things seem to be ok just now according to my ultra scan yesterday. Please to say I have my appetite back now and managing to put some weight back on.
. Looking forward to the day when its safe to get out and about again like visiting the local park and stuff. I’m sure we are all in the same boat with these ideas… It will be so nice to feel more relaxed again and have a pot of tea in a local cafe…that sort of thing eh? Something to look forward to, not too complicated just relaxing…
Anyway, glad to hear you are still getting about ok Chas in spite of our mutual Ataxia problems. Hope everyone else on the forum is managing too.



Doing good and being very careful walking after a bad fall a year ago May. Got a second new hip and legs are the same length now :joy::joy:

How are you?

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:joy:It is helpful to have legs the same length…

I’ve been on a waiting list since March 2020 to find out if I had Cataracts…finally I got to the top of the list and thought ‘ now something will be done’…

It turns out I have symptoms, but no Cataracts…
The problem is due to scarring from a previous eye problem…and Catatact Surgery would be best avoided anyway…

Other than that…it’s same old, same old :wink:

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I’m also noticing that my endurance is getting worse.


Yes…I’m feeling pretty much the same as you. As the years pass, and things progress, it’s hard to keep up a show of positivity. But still, I know it could be a whole lot worse…so chin up for now :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m also finding people saying WHAT after I speak because they didn’t understand me.


:thinking: People I’m with on a regular basis may have just adjusted to my low volume of speech and slurring…I definitely notice when I trip over words and slur. It could be like any form of exercise…use it or lose it, I just don’t talk enough anymore…


Re: speech- My 7 year old has suddenly become interested in what he can’t understand me saying when I’m tired. This has made me all too aware that most of the time I am mumbling stupid things that are either not worth repeating or things which require lengthy explanations. I should just shut up!

AND- I had to get reading glasses last year, which are bifocals on a string around my neck since I’m always walking around doing things. Bruises and goose eggs went up ten fold as I’m now pinballing around my house with these d*mn things on, only able to see in one tiny portion of my field of vision at a time and my reaction time is not good enough to turn my head around.