Dr Thomas L. Clouse, M.D arriving in Cape Town 16th October 2013 _ 5th November 2013

It doesn't matter why your movement ability is screwed up.
It doesn't matter what the cause of your disability might be - or is.

It also doesn't really matter to me why you are clumsy (ataxic), the only important thing at this moment is that you are, and the only thing that now makes a damn bit of difference is this...
what are you going to do about it!

The information on this site will work for anyone who has some inherent ability to walk. How is that possible you ask? The answer is as simple as the basic information you are about to learn.

I have Spinocerebellar Atrophy and I started this site to help people with my disorder. But then others asked me it I could also help them. So I tried. And it worked for them too.

They had Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia, Parkinson's Disease, Friedreich's Ataxia, stroke victims, Viral Encephalitis, closed head injuries, "normal" clumsy people...you...it works for anyone who has use of their legs with the ability to stand on them!

Thomas L. Clouse, M.D.


I can testify to that! Working with Dr. Tom Clouse has really made a difference in my daily movements.

Do yourself a favor and check it/him out. He will teach you small things along with the big things that will change your life as you now know it.

Hi Mimi My advise is to do as much as he tells you to do and keep up doing it (that's a challenge but well worth doing). That's a great idea that your going to be charting your progress. By sharing you will also be inspiring others her I think to check out his website and help themselves too! I think he's great! :0) Enjoy! I look forward to reading your reports here too! :0)

Mimi said:

Thank you for sharing Jeannie.

I look forward to seeing him tomorrow when he arrives, I'll be navigating the airport with my wooden legs. Airports are so bright and it's always buzzing with lots of people, that combo is horrendous for me.

I'll be mapping my sessions and progress for all to see.

I just want a bit of normal back, my heels are gathering dust on the window sill, I want them back. They complete me...