Has anyone ever had trouble with driving. I don't drive anymore because I had three instances where I was transferring my foot from the gas to the break and my leg would not allow me to find the break. My neurologist didn't say I couldn't drive but if I continued to drive, I would probably end up in an accident someday. I took it upon myself to stop driving since I can't take the chance of hurting myself or someone else. Has anyone else experienced this?

Yes, Stressed or tired makes it worse. I would like to purchase the hand controls from Menox. For now I drive very little and rely on my loving wife to run most errands. When I do drive I leave ALLOT of space between mine and other vehicles, also I do not go out during busy times.

Oh man let me tell ya IF...I drive it feels as if i'm on the wildest carnival ride ever.....I know I will never be able to drive again and will most likely loose my drivers licsense when I have to renew it...they would see me and say no way....

I too have had a few incidents of going to hit the brake and having my foot hit the gas instead. Scary as hell. I haven't been told I can't drive, so I just try to limit how often I do it, keep far away from there cars and go out when the traffic is lowest. It's hard to avoid sometimes though, with doctors/therapist appointments. I live in the middle of nowhere and there isn't always someone who can take me.