I need to know if anyone else has had this problem. I don't think it's related to ataxia but I need to ask.

I have CSA2 hereditary. I still walk without assistance. My mother thinks I'm having trouble with my driving. I don't think I am. My mother was in an accident several years ago and starts to panick over little things if she isn't driving. An example would be if you don;t stop the car soon enough, turning a corner too fast. (I don't drive fast).

Does anyone else have this problem? I don't think driving has anything to do with my ataxia I think the problem is that she doesn't like it when anyone else is driving.

I do have the same problem, when she panics and starts pumping the brakes it is distracting. but she will very rarely drive. I am 81 and getting sick of being screamed at. Jerry

It probably has something to do with slower reaction time or overcompensating, due to poor spatial awareness and lack of perception of depth. This may be more noticeable to an onlooker, and make them uneasy.

It’s obvious to us when we’re on our feet and mobile, we do it as a matter of course but this can also effect driving.

Eyesight may be ok but, it requires extra concentration to drive safely. This is tiring and can be stressful (I’m a driver).

Being in busy noisy areas when shopping etc can be stressful, being in busy traffic is just as bad.

I'm still driving, but I know that I get tired after long drives - the focus needed takes a lot out of me. I haven't had any car accidents, but I know that it is a possibility due to slower reaction and occasional lack of control of the muscles. Luckily, for long drives, my wife is usually with me so, if I get too tired, she can take over behind the wheel.

My husband does most of the driving, because I do have slower reactions, and I believe it’s due to the ataxia. This has also caused some eye problems. So let her drive when she is around. It keeps the peace, and she might notice something you aren’t aware of. This ataxia causes more problems that we didn’t have last year, and also as we get older.

I quit driving because of not being able to judge distances and not knowing how close or far the other car was.

I am having the same problem, with my eyes not seeing as well. I go to P.T. across the street, my husband cannot help me he just got diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and it spread! Not in a good place now mentally! I hate to give up driving! I have always been independent! I get dizzy often! Was diagnosed last year after two years trying to find out what was wrong with me? Walk with a cane now and bad days with a walker! Medication is not working! He put me on Parkinson medication for balance!