Dystonia treated with botox?


What I thought was spasticity in my quad and foot on the right side turned out to be dystonia. My neurologist injected my foot and quad with low doses of botox on Friday. She said that it will be about two weeks before it takes effect. We'll see ... I have a bad feeling that I will never be able to walk normally again. The tightness in my quad gets so bad at night. Really bad. And my knee gets stiff.

Have any of you ever had Botox in your calf, foot, or quad? Did it help?

Can I exercise with dystonia? Can it help? I do light cardio on the bike and I lift low weights in an effort to strengthen my right side.

Hope that all of you are well!


I have undiagnosed dystonia I think as my neck and head start spasms and twisting and my face starts grimacing and it does give a lot of pain. I notice it most at night when in bed and need to turn over and that starts the spasms over and over or when I yawn it starts to spasm I just have to keep trying to move my head to try to stop the spasm. I thought about botox but the area I have problems is where I had cancer operation and I cant even stand to be touched near there. Jerry