EA2 and pregnancy/delivery


Is there anyone with EA2 and kids? How was your pregnancy and did you deliver by c-section?

My pregnancy has come to a point that i should discuss about delivery way. Im delivering in Finland and Im Finnish. Here EA2 is very rare (only in my family) and doctors seem to be a bit lost with my case. Pregnancy has been difficult without medication. Im also a bit afraid what will happen if I even try to deliver “natural way”. I would be happy to hear experiences from this topic.


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While you’re waiting for replies you might find this link interesting :slight_smile:

Pregnancy planning for women with mobility issues

I realise you are already pregnant but if you scroll down till you come to the Birthing section, if might be useful :slight_smile: xB

Suvi, how was the birth of your baby?

I have EA2 and have had two natural births, prior to being diagnosed. The pregnancies and deliveries were fine. I had a midwife who believed in 14 days of as much bed time as the mother wants after birth and that may have helped. After the first month as newborn care was demanding, I had more symptoms.

One thing I would do differently is be careful with looking at baby while nursing. Looking down aggravates my symptoms and continuous focusing the eyes does too. I could have avoided some dizziness by knowing that.

Important - here is a link based on Thomas Hale's Medications and Mother's Milk, the foremost reference in the U.S. for medications during lactation. It classifies acetazolamide as L2, which is fairly low risk, during nursing.


The two links below that are about acetazolamide and pregnancy, though there are surely better links than these I found them quickly.

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