how does your equalibm worsen [by time or doing certain things] ?
its been a week now. will it stay this way or slowly disapeer? i have cellabellar ataxia


Did you mean equalibriam in your post.

yes thats what i mean

I have not gotten any better with any of my symptoms, I can feel my symptoms get a little worse each day. I am not now feeling the progression but think it is the internal affects may be worsening, in the brain and my dexterity. I know I am knocking to many things over and really making mistakes. I have had ataxia for about 6 years. now I use forearm crutches, a walker and a wheelchair when I need it. I am on Coumadin now so I am extra careful not to fall and cause internal bleeding in the brain or wherever. Jerry

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My balance became affected around 1990, it was followed by problems with mental focus, dizziness on bending and then a serious eye condition, Iritis. I was left with double vision and nystagmus.

At the time morale was at a very low ebb, I didn’t get a diagnosis of SCA until falls started, 2011.

After a while other symptoms crept in, and I just got used to feeling this way, often I feel as though there’s a pattern…

Dexterity is nowhere near as it used to be, mental multitasking a no-no, social interaction insofar as conversation is concerned can be challenging due to poor recall and slow subdued speech :smirk: But, I can still walk, I have a walking stick and a rollator.

Day to day activities vary according to how I feel, to be honest nothing is as it was before, I manage to keep on top of laundry but rarely cook from scratch. General housework gets a 'lick and a promise’:roll_eyes: But I can usually occupy myself :wink:

I’ve learned to recognise when it’s a good idea to rest, just sit and unwind, zone out or sleep :blush:xB

Last time I visited my nuerologist he asked how I was getting on and I told him that I feel good and I’m not noticing things getting worse as such because it is a slowy process. However, my neurologist told me immediately that he can see my balance is worsening and that I, evidentally, have gotten worse. The neurologist has been seeing my for about seven, nigh on eight, years now and I have gone from mildly unbalanced and using walking sticks through using walking crutches, dependence on a mobility scooter to get around (locally) and on to needing a wheelchair when further away from home.

The nature of my condition is that it kind of levels out for a while, gets worse kind of sudden then stays at that level - rinse and repeat! On a day to day basis, my ataxia affects me differently throughout each day and can be described as sometimes a mild annoyance but mostly debilitating. Doing house work, preparing food, cleaning and such seriously affects me as, along with very poor balance (equilibrium), I get very bad pain around my body depending on what is being done at the time. I also have problems with dexterity that can seriously affect the way I do things or time to do such. I have had to more or less give up my paper crafting (models) hobby because I can no longer handle the ‘fiddly’ or small bits anywhere near easily.

So! Yes! My equilibrium is affected through time based degeneration of my general condition and specifically if trying to do certain things. That’s just how it is. As for ‘will it stay this way or slowly disapeer?’, if we are talking about equilibrium being off in general, maybe your doctor is best placed to answer that. Specifically, in the short term, it could be that you go through phases regarding your state of equilibrium. Either way, I wish you well and hope you can get any help needed.

Kindest regards.