Cerebellar ataxia

do your symptoms get worse as time goes on?



thanks sunny

As far as I know, and have experienced, Ataxia is progressive - but at different rates for everyone.Symptoms do get worse over time, but how long it will take is a guess at best. I know for me it seems to happens in spurts - several things will get a bit worse really quickly, then for a while nothing will change.

thanks bw

I have had problems starting 6 yrs ago and have felt the progression every day. It did not progress much but enough to be noticeable until now and I am using a wheelchair some of the time. Jerry


ive tried finding outing more about cerebeller ataxia on the web but cant . have any ideas?

I think there has to be meds out there that will work for some of our symptoms but the docs don't know about them or they don't want to waste time on ataxia, they just want money for research. Everybody wants you to donate for a while first so they can make more money.

what i mean is research on cerecellar ataxia. i just got diagnosed after 7 months of fooling with it.but there are different ways cerecellar can happen there is a medication out there but i wouldnt recommend it. havent heard 1 good word about it.

This may help..


looks good ozzie. ill look at it later today. thanks

i read the article ozzie . very good. its good for all types of ataxia. i got a little more info for cereceller ataxia. the rest they havent really gotten that far into research on it. thanks again

My balance/walking problems started back in high school and is still the same (I'm 50 now) but my writing and speech started a few years ago. It seems like that hasn't gotten any worse since then.

thanks kay. ive read that some symptoms will get worse then stop then pick up again several years down the road

That's kinda what seems to be happening with me - things got worse, then plateaued, then seemed to get a bit worse, then held steady. Right now I seem to be on one of the plateaus - hopefully it's a long one!

yes dont we all. we dont really know how long we have a break from getting worse. hopefully a long one

There`s a general lack of information available re. Ataxia of any kind (mostly I think because it`s not fully understood) If like me, you want to know all about it, I think you`ll be frustrated, you just have to accept it is what it is, and progresses at different rates for different people.
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ive tried finding outing more about cerebeller ataxia on the web but cant . have any ideas?