I've had CA for 11 years. I'm not on wheels yet. So I ask.

What do you think about exercising? I visit rehabilatation twice a week. Than at home I have treadmill so I try to use it everyday (on slow speed 2-4 km), than I've some balancing items, but I'm too lazy and have not enough time to exercise more.

And some doctors said that lot of training is good and some says it's for nothing or better said "you could exercise sensible". So which of this approches is right? I want to maintaine my skills on contemporary level as long as it goes or might be improve my skills.

It's definitely helped me

but on intensive way (many times a day) or on a few times a week (month) way?

Jill said:

It's definitely helped me

I've probably been effected by ataxia the same time also but officially diagnosed five years ago, this is my work out routine. I rotate the following schedule every other day.

I ride my recumbent bike, or use the one In the gym for 10 miles

I spend 30 min. on the cardio machines

I do 30 min. of Xbox 360 Kinnect

I do 30 min. core exercising and stretching.

Date two

I jog 3 miles on the road, I use a modified baby jogger for support, or if the weather is bad I go to the gym and use the treadmill and cardio machines to go 3 miles followed by 35 to 40 min. of weight training

I do 30 min. of Xbox 360 Kinnect

I do 30 min. of core exercising and stretching

This past August I competed in and completed the 7.1 mile Falmouth Massachusetts road race.

If someone has not seen me for a few years they probably don't notice any changes. My Dr. says this is definitely helping. I take no medication for ataxia just some vitamins and supplements.

I have been doing the same routine for the past five years

I think this may be a little excessive, but it differently helps.


and how you train your balance?

What games do you play on X-Box? some normal games like golf, boxing... or fitness games?

I use wii fit almost every day and passive exerciser hardly at all. I find it so difficult to discipline myself to use passive exerciser!!

On wii fit I do a 40 minute routine starting with stretching/yoga [all standing on balance board] - second half of 40 minutes are brain and coordination and balance.

It definitely helps with keeping muscles and joints moving .. also helps psychologically - I feel good when its done.


I wrote to Jack, he writes bout xbox, I have PS3 move, so I ask how you use it.

I walk and move as much as possible. Any physical activity that I can do, I do it. If I’m tired one day I don’t do it. I never miss more than one day, no matter how bad I feel. In the beginning I rested, thinking I would recover if I wasn’t so tied. I was very wrong as things progressed rapidly then. From losing balance, to falling on the floor to walking with a cane. Ever since I started to push myself physically, I began to improve. No more falling, no more cane. Balance issues and marionette movements are what I’m left with and some minor uncontrollable hand movements. Anything is minor compared to collapsing when u r walking.

Exercise has been the answer for me along with gluten, wheat, yeast, soy free. My ataxia was chemical induced or maybe the chemical brought it out. I was never very coordinated.

Disability/chair yoga..the main problem is muscles and joints getting stiff from lack of regular use (the way you used to use them correctly) Weakening can be helped by exercise, but that's only part of the problem. You have to move, STRETCH, to elongate muscles and keep joints loose.. I'm almost 58, DXd over 20 years ago...still walk unassisted most of the time. Right exercise, good healthy diet, and positive attitude will get you the best results.

Hi Jan, I'm 59 and was diagnosed with Sporadic Cerebellar Ataxia (unknown cause) 10 years ago. I do exercises for strength and balance. I find it's most helpful for ataxia! My neurologist said there have been successful studies in rodents that show the brain is able to make new neural pathways. He said the key to this is to keep challenging yourself. For example, I do a balance exercise standing at the ledge between my kitchen and family room, in case I lose my balance and have to grab on. Anyway, I bend one knee and hold one foot up for as many seconds as I can and then do the other foot. I keep trying to "up" the seconds (I don't hold on). My neuro. suggests doing exercises continuously for an hour each day (I do have to take little rests in between). I do floor exercises with bands and light weights and also walk on a treadmill (I do have to hold on). I also do stretches, as my muscles tend to get tight. I bought a book online called the "The Balance Manuel", written by a physical therapist, that is very helpful. Google "The Balance Manuel" if you have any interest. My best to you..., ;o)

Exercise is essential for me. It helps me physically as well as mentally and emotionally. It gives me strength and the sense of fighting this ataxia. When I skip exercise, I start getting depressed.

Hi Jan - I like and do floor yoga and tai chi daily. Just FYI: Anything that you decide should be run by your medical doctor.

Thanx so far, wery helpful.

I have CA.

So I now I' m asking this, did it anybody harm when he exercise too much, did it lead to harming your skills, get somebody worse or it's true that more training more better?

COMMON SENSE FACT #7....Ataxia has caused your body/muscles to not work like they used to or nearly as much. Your feet,, legs, back, shoulders, etc. all hurt because of this. USE THEM, MOVE THEM, EXERCISE and STRETCH!!!

I haven't met a doctor yet that knows as much as me about ataxia, and that's not much

Judely said:

Hi Jan - I like and do floor yoga and tai chi daily. Just FYI: Anything that you decide should be run by your medical doctor.

I do what I can (safely) in terms of exercises for strength and balance. If I get tired, I rest for a bit. I've never injured myself doing exercises. I find it's the only thing that truly helps my ataxia. The saying "if you don't use it, you lose it" is true, at least for me. I find I'm able to move better if I DO exercise and stretch my muscles, as they get so tight! I already wrote a comment and follow that advice..., ;o)

I'm very big into exercise. I feel dreadful when I don't get enough exercise. I do some very intense long distance hiking with lots of up and down hills to stimulate my balance. I ocean swim. I dance. I do wii when I have time. I jump on my bosu ball for 10-20 minutes a day. I ride horses. I have found over and over again that when I slack off my exercise program I begin to worsen at a fairly rapid rate. I have found the benefits of exercise to be huge!

I loved your analogy Trevor, comparing the body of someone with ataxia to a juice blender...,ha! I actually pictured this in my mind and I will fight it, fight it, fight it, fight it!!!!