Has anyone ever heard of an expo/show for mobility devices? I tried googling a few things but I keep striking out. Any help would be appreciated.

Check this out http://www.abilities.com

Lots of great new stuff for wheelchairs users. I wish there was more those who need walking aids though.

We went to the Houston Abilities Expo a few years ago. It was amazing the number of things they had. At the time, my husband with SCA2, was pretty good about walking on his own, but there were so many people and the vendors were so close together, that it was hard for him to keep his balance. Those in wheelchairs had no problem. Maybe with walkers/rollators, it would have been easier.


I want to go there as well one day...

Useful to know Darlene... thanks for info... Would be good if they could hire out self propelling chair/scooter for visitors.

Hi. There is an Expo for those with disabilities here in Boston once a year. I will find out the date and repost.

That would be great Suzi. Boston is on my bucket list.

called “Abilities Expo.com”. There are a number of dates and cities listed. Boston is in September 2015. Hope this helps you.

Registered for the Houston show, met our timetable demands.