So I was diagnosed with SCA2 in 2012. I didn’t know I had it until I fell down the stairs at church. Since then I have experienced losing my balance, but I’ve not fallen. Well, the other day I was walking and I just fell. It’s taken a couple days to get back to feeling ok. But since then my legs feel like jelly when I walk. Is falling just something ataxians do or could you consider it a progression of the disease? My neuro will always ask if I have fallen, does falling mean something?

It means you have Ataxia! You've had this 3 years so probably walking will require a cane or rollator now..The following steps will help you..

1..Balanced,nutritional diet.

2.BMI between 18~ 25.

3.Exercise,physical & Brain Games.

4.Moderate alcohol.

5.No smoking..

..Take care..Ozzy...from the 'Land Down Under..

I think as it progresses, expect to see how hard the ground REALLY is more often. With the loss of balance it is more likely to happen. I know, for me, living in Ottawa Canada finding a patch of ice on the ground is a bad thing. Others can adjust - me, I go right down. It isn't fun, and can be painful, but it does happen. I don't think it means anything in particular - other than the condition has progressed a bit. If it gets to be too much, it may be time for something to help - a cane, walking stick, walker, or wheelchair.

I’m not supposed to see my neurologist till the summer of next year, should I email and tell him now?

From my perspective, there's nothing really the neurologist can do about it - so if you already have an appointment set for next year I would just stick with that.

All ataxia's give you whatever symptoms it wants, progresses at whatever rate it wants, can be hereditary or idiopathic and is incurable.

I have found that physical therapy, occupational therapy were very beneficial. My tripping/falling has gone from about twice a week to about twice every few months.

If you decide to try PT make sure they work with neuro patients not orthopedic. There is a difference.

I fell last night in the bathroom and really hurt my ribs.
I had just come back from my neighbors house. She had offered me a Manhattan and against my better judgement I accepted. Then I paid the price. It pays to be extra careful after having even one drink. That’s something we ataxians have to be aware of.for me, falling is always something I have to gaurd.against.lesson learned!