Wow, Lavender! I've never heard anything like this before! How wonderful for you!!! ;o)

I will explain my experience with fatigue. The fatigue was actually the most dominating symptom in my CA. I worked as a restoration mason which is vary physical, so the fatigue was taking a huge toll on me. The fatigue is a constant symptom for my past 5 years and my balance problems progressed slowly over those years also. It started with losing balance just putting on shoes to now losing balance every 3 steps I take. With my fatigue I choose to deal with it by sleeping 10-12 hrs a day vs 6-7 hrs a day. It seems to help by 30-50 percent. Others and myself have also mentioned that stress is a major precursor to the degree of our symptoms. When we remove any type of stress from our lives our ataxia is comparatively easier to manage. Ataxia and neurological dissorders are a puzzle, you will find all the symptoms fit together if you research enough. Good luck!

Lavender, my doctor didn’t prescribe thyroid hormone until I brought her lab report showing I had Hashimotos antibodies in my blood. This lab report was ordered by my Naturopathic doctor. In Oregon Naturopaths can order lab work and prescribe. I think its a good idea to have both regular MD’s and Naturopaths helping when trying to figure out Ataxia. As for your experience at 6800 ft this is a real clue!! Maybe a circulatory specialist, or cardiologist could help you further as at this altitude the air is very thin so I think your heart has to work harder. Not sure what to think but I’d pull in some other kinds of docs, not neurologists, to help figure it out. I can’t go that high as my heart is beating in my throat at that level. Too hard on my heart.

Great info Mary and it’s funny you suggested homeopathy as a secondary line of treatment. I was working as an RN when it all hit and since then found lavender essential oil to help with the meds and stress. I started a lavender farm 7 years ago to grow and distill my own oils. Now as an aromatherapist I blend and formulate my own line of therapeutic remedies and other items here at the farm. I’ve never mentioned it here because I didn’t want to come off like I was promoting my business which has taken off successfully. I am all for both sides, eastern and western theology.

I think I will ask for that serum test and see what that brings. You know, plants such as lavender have a much stronger immune system at higher altitudes and the essential oil that is extracted shows higher levels of lynalol acetate and esters among other compounds. I wanted if we don’t do the same. My BP is always very, very low…96/57. So perhaps you have something there. I’m on a mission now! Thanks guys!

B12 shots help tremendously!!

Lavendar, your info on essential oils is interesting. I just filled my yard with dozens of Lavendar plants last year and am expecting a crop this year. You misunderstood my suggestion. I’m NOT suggesting homeopathy, but instead seeing a Naturopathic doctor. Very different suggestions. Naturopaths are very capable of doing many of the things conventional doctors do but come to medicine from a different perspective. The university hospital I go to in Portland actually has several Naturopaths treating their patients alongside MD’s, although I found my Naturopath through a recommendation by a friend.

For energy or whatever, I get a monthly shot of B12 AND take huge amounts of Calcitriol. However, my energy has never been as low as it is while taking/getting those. The only thing that keeps me going is the occasional sunshine I get out doors. I guess that I had no B12 or any other of the energy vitamins for too long a time and that did some permanent damage to my body and mind - though my mind is still pretty agile - though not what it used to be.