Fever, sick and ataxia


I'm curious about fever, sickness and ataxia.

The neurologist thinks that my son (maybe) has episodic ataxia. (hopefuly in october we will get answers)

When my son has fever he gets more attacks... Do you recongise that?

He looks drunk and his legs are stiff. (that kind of attacks)

He's 1 year and 9 months.


Greetings Kimberley

Hi Kimberley,
I wanted to share this information. Last August I had fever 102 and was treated for flu. Then I ended up with Hepatitis B and jaundice. Since then I lost strength in my toes and leg weakness increased. There are days my balance and my leg behaves fine and I do become wobbly very unsure of my next step. I have been diagnosed with CA. No issues with gluten, but not tested! The fever aggravated my symptoms. I do not know whether mine is episodic or CA, although doctor has diagnosed as CA.

Hi Kimberly,

Sorry to hear about your soon this must be very worrying for you.

My daughter first showed signs of Ataxia at the age of 14mths after a viral type infection with high temp. She went from being able to walk unaided to being unable to co-ordinate well enough to craw. This episode cleared up completly. However she developed further signs of Ataxia afer infections and temps at 20mths & 24mths. Now at 6yrs she continues to be ataxic & her condition worsen with tiredness but more so following infections.

On a more possitive note I have heard of some children who have become very ataxic after an infection but after physio they have returned to their previous co-ordination / abality level.

I hope all goes well next month for you & your soon

Take care ,


Yes I get wobbly when I am coming down with something, or when I have an infection or fever.