Ataxia worsens after another illness?

Just got over a bout of sickness.

Now just sapped of energy...

I have noticed, that my Ataxia (CA) gets alot worse during any illness, and then when the illness has gone Ataxia is at a higher degree than before the illness.

Anyone else notice this ???

Not personally, but I have heard of this before - I am also aware that it is not the cerebellum that has further deteriorated but the body's ability to cope. I learned this from Questions and Answers session at an Ataxia UK Annual Conference.

I do hope that you will strive to get as well as possible with diet and exercise and wish you all the best,

Patsy/CA/69/Ipswich, UK

Got a dry flu ie no coughs and runny nose but aches and pain in my chest.My ataxia is definetely worse.The spirit some days is very weak but the flesh feel s knackered.Just to go back to normal with ataxia would be fine.Sometimeswe think it will go on forever but spring is on its way.Even before I had ataxia i succumbed to various viruses.It won't last forever

Hope you feel better soon .Had sickness last year and went on to have a lovely year.

marie x

ps my ataxia is ca too.

when your body has Ataxia everything takes more energy to do, so when you come down with flu or something that leaves any body feeling weak, so your body struggles to meet your energy needs, particularly as we also eat a lot less when we are ill usually so as well as been weakened from flu your body isn't getting enough fuel (food) either to help it compensate.

If you really have to concentrate to keep your balance anyway, its gets alot harder when your sneezing at gale force every 5 mins too and throwing yourself off balance!!

If eating is difficult when ill try, food supplements like a small ensure plus drink contains 330cals, can drink them cold or the chocolate one is nice heated up in microwave (transfer it to a regular mug first!) I use these with chunky soups, lots of water too and just rest as much as you can.

I usually find if I take a couple of flu capsules at the first signs for first few days (and Benylin if coughing) it helps to stop it getting to full force and eases off after a few days.

Mine got really bad once the dystonia elements kicked in after I hit 40, I don't know if its cos the extra movements was making it difficult for my already ataxic brain to cope and compensate, but the first year with both was exhausting!.. I've only just reached point where can get through an entire day without a rest, including managing a bit of housework, exercise, cooking for myself and walking Inca twice a day ( though I use mobility scooter and powered chair to preserve energy levels too).

you should be back on track once your body has completely got the virus out of its system, keep your calories up so your body has enough fuel to keep going and compensate.

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I got SCA 3 since 10 years &, I am now 59.

Sure Ataxia causes us to focus on movements that others do without thinking,

when we get ill above it our focus gets distracted and Ataxia is worse

By the way...I ve been asking since 5 years ago the real benefits of exercises.

I am not sure they prevent Ataxia as well. We are genetically programed since our gestación

Sorry my poor English.

Not very good at resting but will have to.Know what you mean about gales Kati Lea.Got lots of things to do but most of them are physical so will have to change. Really ill is when you don't even want to do anything. Haven't reached that stage.

The sun is shining here so want to go for a walk but feel too weak.Looking forward to getting on my WiFiit when I feel better.

Marie x

ps we sometimes focus on our ataxia when we are ill with something else.

wether it be a cold , flu or anything that distracts you ,it worsens the symptoms of ca ,i find the easiest times in coping is when i am asleep at night or when i am alone then i dont have to worry about "the outward appearance"

Davo said:

My daughter's Ataxia also gets worse during and after any illness. I don't have any advice to give anyone else but have found the comment given by others very useful.

Thanks for your comment.It is nice to go back to our normality.