Free balance jacket

I have a balance jacket that I want to donate. It’s in San Francisco and I want to offer it to any Ataxian int he USA. The jacket is a black vest. it adjusts via velcro that adjusts to your girth’ For reference, I am 6’ and 185’. There is no size referenced on the label so it appears to be a one size fits all appliance.
The weights are also velcro and their position and quantity should be determined by a pro

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:slightly_smiling_face: It’s very kind of you, I hope it finds a good home.

Have you decided not to use it anymore? I’m quite curious about these and live in Oregon.

It didn’t work for me but others have been helped by balance jackets. I”ll send the vest & weights UPS 2 day and I’ll get a tracking # to you. Seems like I do everything so slowly these days so don’t expect delivery next week, but I will follow through. Send me a shipping address, name, and a phone # and I’ll get it going. I hope it’s of great benefit to you! If you prefer a different carrier, just let me know.

hello, I am French and suffering from cerebellar ataxia sca3. I am currently between 2 rollator and wheelchair type pairings. I go once a year to a reeducation center but no one has ever told me about a balance vest, can you tell me more but I will find out for myself. thank you very much for the info, best regards, valerie

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:slightly_smiling_face: I’d like to pass on 2 links for balance vests…

These vests work in different ways, either may be appropriate depending on your specific symptoms.

I have Vestibular issues, and when I tried the OT Vest, I felt more ‘grounded’…

Bonjour, je suis profondément désolée mais depuis la France j’ai un peu de mal à vous suivre. D’autant plus que je ne maîtrise absolument pas votre langue ni même l’anglais classique . Et je vous demande si cela est possible de me faire un petit résumé de cette journée car je suis très intéressé par l’évolution de la recherche . J’utiliserai un traducteur . Merci d’avance , Valérie

Hi Valerie🙂
At the moment there is no cure for ataxia, although some medications and physical therapies can help alleviate specific symptoms.
At the 2021 National Ataxia Foundation Convention, members were told there would be several therapies available to treat ataxia within the next 5yrs.
You can find reliable information about ataxia on including news of research.
You can find more information about trials…see…search for ataxia.

:slightly_smiling_face:I hope I understood correctly

Merci beaucoup , je sais qu’il n’existe aucun traitement mais je suis confiante pour les futures générations . Je suis adhérente également à une association nationale CSC . Merci de me transmettre de votre côté les informations , belle journée , Valérie

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