Friend on multiple diets

A friends started seeing this doctor that I am worried is scamming her. She has been having trouble losing weight.Several months back he told her she has a problem with gluten, so she cut it out of her diet. Then he told her she had inflamation, so she needed to remove all grains. Now he has her on a diet for adrenal insufficiency. This guy seems all over the map, but trusts him completely, even though he is a cross the continent, so she never sees him in person. I dont know that all that is good for her.


Removing gluten from diet will only have significant effect on her Ataxia IF she does have Gluten Ataxia! It sounds like he first advised she only needs to avoid wheat gluten then, then told her to include all grains. SOME people can be allergic to all glutens its known as Celiacs Disease.

If she doesn't have Ataxia and is only doing it as a weight loss strategy it will work initially and if she then sticks to it for life it will be easier to keep her weight stable but as soon as she she goes back to eating regular wheat products the weight will go back on again.

It's worth noting some people with thyroid problems have difficulty processing wheat and if she doesn't have Ataxia and is doing it to try and combat weight gain she should also get her thyroid checked as that will cause weight gain if its under active. A simple blood test by her own doctor will tell her this.

For Celiacs I believe its something to do with the intenstine? An allergy test might show something but if she had it that severe I think it causes weight loss, abdominal cramping & severe Diarrhea etc when person eats wheat/gluten products.

Not sure how he can diagnose without ever seeing her though? can't she visit her local GP or Ataxia specialist/Neuro? (if she has Ataxia)


Does this friend have ataxia or is she just trying to lose weight? How was she diagnosed for gluten sensitivity, then inflammation and lastly adrenal insufficiency, if she's never seen the doctor in person? I wouldn't trust any "doctor" I've never seen, but that's just me! If your friend has never been tested for these things, how can she trust a diagnosis? That would definitely be a RED FLAG for me! ;o)