Gluten free diet

I had no dr. approval, or have celiac disease, or blood work done. After reading on some of this gluten ataxia and the reactions that are positive to your body/walking, why not. I would like to discourage getting worse - and maybe help a little in my balance, walking and coordination. What do you think?

Im definatly not a Dr and can only speak about my experiences and choices. But if I had it to do all over again I can honestly say as challenging as it was to do more in the beginning, I wish I would have went Gluten Free before having a hard time moving, walking etc. It’s not a cure but it sure helps my body absorb the good food that I focus on eating so it’ helps me to know that Im doing everything that I possibly can to help myself and that Im not wasting my efforts. I like knowing that I’m doing something that helps! I think no one really needs that stuff. Especially people with Ataxia. But somepeople say it’s not worth trying it. I think anything I can do that will possibly help me is worth a real try! ;0) You could do it, it’s not hard to do. I see it only as a choice. ;0)

Same here.Been gf for about a month .No effect on my ataxia yet but apparently if it works could take some time.Will do it til Jan.

I tried it after reading also that people with hypothyrodiism often have issues with it (and I have that too). Although it helped me lose alot of weight fast in first two months, it didn't have any effect on my mobility. That didn't improve until I discovered the Forced Exercise theory and used a passive trainer bike daily.

My daughter has developed a gluten allergy. It has been easier to all go gluten free. I have lost some weight (always a good thing) but have not noticed any changes in my ataxia. I do feel better in myself though : )


If I can help folk with being/starting on a GF diet I will -Ive being a diagnosed coeliac now for nearly 20 years and would be happy to support folk in being strict with it and some of the things you need to know to avoid cross contamination etc.