Functional Neurology

I have been considering going to the Revive clinic in Denver with hopes they could help my walking. It is basically chiropractic neurology and uses the theories of Ted Carrik. It is expensive and there is not much science dealing with it, though I realize that the scientific studies tend not to include people like me. Does anyone have any experience with this or something like it?

I am enclosing a link that might be helpful.
<Functional Neurology>

I went to thru physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy that deals with neurological issues not orthopedic. They gave me the tools to walk better, walk on grass, snow, walk up/down ramps, how to reach across a table, how to walk down stairs. I think they can do as much as functional neurology. It would probably closer for you. I know I still have problems with my balance but I went from falling several times a week to months just changing HOW I was walking. Biggest part of walking is look at the walls, put your shoulders back and slow down. It seems to naturally pick up your feet and work.

I completed physical therapy a long time ago. By completed I mean that I stopped progressing, so I was terminated. Unfortunately, I was never really to walk on my own. While I certainly am convinced that physical therapists do great things and I know they helped me to do what I can do, I am still hoping that I will be able to walk again. I also don’t want to miss out on something that may help improve my life.

I forgot to mention that I also completed occupational and speech therapy and I did go to people whose focus was neurological. I realize that I could be “grasping at straws” here, but I learned with the Voxx instoles that just because I don’t understand it does not mean that it can’t help and that should be aggressive about pursuing things that might help me,

I am back home now after two weeks in Denver,CO at a functional neurology clinic. I condider the experience a real success. I still cannot walk all on my own yet, but my dizziness seems gone, my eyes track better, my depth perception seems back, and I am MUCH more stable. (I can walk now some with my cane and typically walk with my cane and holding my husband’s hand— neither of which I could do before.). I came home with exercises and a new diet. I also came home with less money, but I consider it a great investment! My ataxia was acquired from brain surgery, so I have no idea if this type experience would be helpful to others.

:blush: It’s so good to hear the investment paid off. We’re told, regarding Aquired Ataxia, improvements are possible with the correct intervention, and you’ve proved this theory correct :blush: Keep up the good work :+1: :blush: xB